Inquiry on current best mining pool

  • Hey there!I'm new to burstcoin mining. Which is the current best pool to join? thanks.

  • Josaty,

    Welcome to the world of BURST. If you have not established your wallet and done your initial receive and transmit to get your wallet confirmed do that first. The next thing to do is decide how much disk space you want to mine for BURST. If your total mining space is under 10TB pick a pool based on your location. Understanding deadlines is probably the most important part of joining a pool. With a total plot of less than 10TB your chance of submitting a deadline that will be accepted by Burst.Ninja is very low and thus I would not recommend their pool. If you are US based I'm personally a fan of, heck your already here.

    Please remember to set your award payout address and wait 4 rounds for it to be confirmed and then you can start mining no matter where you decide to mine.

    Enjoy mining


  • Thanks Iceburst, Already started mining with about 569G as a part of the I have another question though. I saw a msg on opening my wallet that warned me that i have forged the last 10 blocks, so i am probably on a fork. Pls what does this mean and what do I do about it?