"Ok! everybody in the pool! or out?!" Hahaha

  • Newbie question number 2.

    Would it be considered better to mine in a pool with more miners or less miners? Why?

    What are the cause and effects of more or less miners? etc. winning the pool..? deadline variances? what is important to know.

    I am trying to figure out the differences in mining for example;

    pool#1 - pool.burst-team.us


    pool#2 - pool.burstcoin.de

    or should i just stay off pool 2 altogether?

    mining with 647gb / i5 / laptop / 8 ram - what I have so no judgement please.

    any advice regarding the pools would be appreciated. learning as best I can and capable too.

    Thank you in advance

  • admin

    @TIG312 You want to find a balance: a pool with too few miners and you're not going to find blocks amongst you often enough - you're almost solomining. A pool with too many/too powerful miners and you'll win a steady share of blocks, but your portion of the reward is probably tiny.

    I'd got with pool #1 - but I'm biased - I run it 🙂

  • @haitch Thanks for your reply even if its biased its still good decent advice and that's always appreciated! thanks and happy mining!