Other than Burst

  • What else is everyone doing in the crypto world other than Burst?

    I've just started with crypto (May 1 2017), so far I'm:
    Cloud Mining (hashflare, genesis)
    Lending (Poloniex)
    Burst Mining, trying to ramp up my HDD space

    I've tried Minergate and NiceHash, but felt the reward was minimal considering how loud my laptop would get.
    Every once in awhile I turn on Minergate for Bytecoin and then trade it on poloniex for Bitcoin

    I'm sure there's a million things more I could be doing, but for a beginner, any recommendations?
    Any easy USB asic miners that take minimal power and are easy to setup? even if it's just pennys a day, I'm looking at it as a hobby.

  • @mrgoldy have you tried eobot?

  • open a account add a few BTC if you want but let it just mine GHS 4.0 for a good month or more and then little by little diversify mine USD and GHS 4.0

  • @falconCoin
    Yes , eobot for about 1 week now, just running on the daily 1 doge and faucet, upgrading the 5yr once in awhile, haven't put anything into it.
    I have a few more free ones that start with free hash, but not putting anything into it as I hear there are a lot of scam sites that close down after a few months

  • @mrgoldy i have been using for a long time and its good

    if you use diversify with USD and GHS the good thing is you can buy any coin at USD value and that is same everyday.

    i dont think there is any combo over there that makes a difference so early but at for some its nice to see the amount go up, not always the case mining the coins if the value goes up and down... try using some of the free doge to mine 24 hour contract too.

    i used to do all faucets with GHS 4.o

    good luck and keep ppl updated of your progress always helps someone