• I am selling everything i have of this coin, formatting my drives, and walking away from this flipping coin! Not getting Div payouts for going on 2 months from any of my investments. people fight here like school kids. And sad that this is the community that i first felt like "Hey, the people are kinda cool". My what a year will do! Best of luck, to you all. I came here to get started in crypto, a little hobby, maybe fund a vacation. Now Devs are trying to kill each other. Founding members scamming, NOBODY is paying the damn Divs.


  • @Trmajnky Bit confused you signed up 9 months ago and your first post is to say you are leaving.

    The community is whatever you make of it, just ignore the Topics and people you don't like. You however seem to have made no effort to be part of the community or made any contribution to it, so what do you expect.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @Trmajnky Maybe you have to swap your assets.

  • you started mining 8 month ago and stopped mining 2 month ago, but formatting drives now?

  • Don't leave, let us help you. What assets did you invest in? What kind of mining problems are you facing? I'm sure all of it can be resolved.

  • @Trmajnky What assets are you talking about? In my portfolio only one turned out to be a scam

  • @Trmajnky i also stopped receiving divs on some assets.. but it was my fault because they were not posting updates to the assets on this forum and i dont log into any other forum so i did not see the transfer requests for the new asset.. i lost almost a month of divs.. but @Gibsalot was kind enough to point me in the right direction.. can you please post the assets in question here.. if you decide to leave , sorry to hear that, but help others either avoid that asset or help you resolve the issue.

    also, ignore the children it works for me.