Forum troubles

  • Heya,

    So i'm encountering a few problems with viewing this forum on the chrome browser on my pc.
    When i logged in likema week ago, it didnt show me any timestamps, i dont get notifications, and cant see my messages. I thought maybe its a global server thing so time might resolve it, but it didnt. Last night i deleted all my cookies and tried again with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? On my tablet and other pc it works fine. I might have to just reinstall chrome, but i was hoping someone here might have a solution :)

  • @keyd0s Ctrl+F5 just in case to make sure there is nothing cached, check settings under profile and if nothing helps try reinstalling chrome :)
    myself using Crome and have no problems (Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit))

  • @LithStud F5 didn't work for me unfortunately. Have just reinstalled chrome like you said and it works again now ;)
    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • @keyd0s its not just F5 but Ctrl + F5 combination. First one just refreshes page, second one reloads page ignoring cached content :D Just so others know the difference ;)

  • @LithStud OH! I'm sorry , i haven't tried holding CTR with it as well :/
    Silly me....
    I'll make sure to try that next time. Anyway reinstalling chrome worked as well.. so there's that :D
    Thanks for teaching me some techtips as well !

  • @keyd0s no problem, i am sure it will help others as well :)