Keep in Burst, invest more or..

  • Hello Guys!

    Well, im near to buy an 4TB HDD, in some hours i will go to the shop.. but.. Im thinking about it and..
    I have doubts.

    I mean, it cost 166Euros a great one with 4TB, this is totally invest .. in something what i cant know if will be worth or not. And well im a bit scary.

    This community looks amazing, u guys looks amazing too, but well i dont know if continue with this or not.

    I will like to hear you guys, you think will be worth in future? How this will continue?

    If i keep investing in HDDS, it can be worth?

    Well i hope you guys understand this a bit.. Thanks you all and..

    Happy minning 4 Everyone.

  • I for one am new but plan on investing in higher capacity HDD, with that being said my opinion is to go with it. Unlike buying ASIC equipment for Bitcoin, if you decide not to mine in the future you still have a very nice HDD to use for something else. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this

  • You can always sell the HDD if you decide to stop mining at a later point, or gift it to your relatives or have it yourself

  • If Burst doesn't work out for you after a while, you could always start leasing out your HDD space through a coin/service like Storj or SIA, or just sell them. Having these options minimizes your risk compared to other types of investment. The value of Burst only needs to double itself a few times in order to make your ROI on HDDs quite pleasing. For instance, I can in theory make ~1000 coins per day with my 6,5 TB mining 24/7, but I only mine 1/3 of the day. For a year that is (with today's value) 1000 x 51 x 365 = 0,186 Btc. That is approximately 65% of the value of my HDDs (and I'm not using all the storage for Burst).

    So, if Burst value reaches for instance a x 10 increase at 500 satoshi, I will ROI and profit after two months. Given all the development, support and bright-looking-future of Burst, I would say that it is a good investment. But, like with all investments, you should be prepared to lose, so don't put all your money into it. In fact, if you are very sceptical about buying a HDD, you could instead buy burstcoin for the amount you would've spent on a HDD, and then when the value rises enough, you take enough profit to go buy a HDD anyway and still be in the game with your leftover coins. Or, if you think things will go south, you just sell your coins. The options are many!

    Furthermore, with the burstcoins you have bought, you can reinvest them into Burst assets. Some of them are based on HDD mining, so indirectly it will be like buying a HDD but without the hassle of setting them up. I recommend buying assets either way, as it is a way of ensuring the growth of your own money and the growth of Burst as an economical system.

  • Well you have a point there but you can always change what you mine to bitcoins and also to $$$. So its up to you. You can chose to mine and convert or keep in burst and wait for the magic

  • @Propagandalf Allright bro. I get the HDD, and i will keep on this. Thanks for ur answer.

  • You're welcome, mate! Glad to have you on board.

  • How about buying burst now! instead of Higher Capacity HDD and wait for the coin to reach the highest value possible. make since to you guys?

  • Buying and mining are both good, but for different reasons. Mining has the extra benefit of securing the network and probably other stuff too. Buying has the benefit of supporting the value. Then, when you feel the time is right, you take some profit. Don't forget to invest in some Burst assets as well.

  • I found this article on google
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    how about that?