UniBURST asset by crowetic - The BURST UniVERSE asset!

  • @Dillion Dou you mean that the buy-back will be using the Asset Exchange? That is, he will set a huge 6 Burst buy order?

    On https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/6880/crowetic-s-final-burst-post ,5 days ago, he said:

    Buyback period will start immediately.


    July 10th will be last payout day for all assets. Buyback will drop by 1 BURST, and final buy wall will be placed after last payout is made,

    Does it mean that he already posted 6 Burst BuyBack orders?

    On the wallet I can see some orders posted by CROWETIC BUYBACK ACCOUNT (BURST-849T-V843-VBQC-4QG6S). This is what he previously called crowetic asset privatization buyback

    This is a mess!!! If I am not wrong, he should have posted a single buy order for all the sell assets, isn't it?

  • @Mikelon fudge...I've noticed in the past he really likes to use quick deadlines for stuff like this to really screw people over.
    I sold mine at 6 each two or three days ago. Idk if that was his buy order or not.

  • @Dillion , @kmaxkmax , thanks.

    I will set a sell order at 6 Burst.

    I am really sorry to be scammed this way... I've been BURST mining for four months, and all this shit will make me stop and think of buying any asset on the future, and may be even continue or not on mining.

    The only real price of an asset is the market price, and @crowetic sank the price when he decided to stop the activity that supported the asset and give a 6 Burst buy-back. Why 6 and not just 1? or 0.1? Or just 1 satoshi? Or nothing...

    Stoping the activity well before the provisions of the asset description is just a SCAM.

    I think that It should be added to the "Asset Scams" subcategory on this forum.

  • Yes it should be added to asset scams ASAP. Help keep anymore new folks from buying it on the AE.