Burst games: Divide and Conquer

  • It's an age old technique, and I believe that is what is being used on Burst right now.

    This technique could be employed by an external force who sees Burst as a threat or it could just be due to one party who has megalomaniac tendencies creating a destructive maelstrom of hatred.

    Within the global economic forum, there are serious threats forming, these threats come as bubbles, and the next triple bubble will be worse than 2008 and the Wall Street crash of 1929 combined.

    When that triple bubble of stocks, bonds and housing bursts, the only thing worthwhile will be gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

    This is why we need confidence in Burst as a solid investment and none of this dividing bullshit. These elements should be cut out immediately, and the people who are giving Burstcoin a bad name should either take a back seat or be ousted.

    The community must work as one cohesive neural network where there is no top down structure but one of a circular matrix where there is no kingpin mega-lording it over every one.

    Burstcoin is strong enough to survive these childish, puerile games, and I have great hope for the future of the currency.

    We must step up and crush all divisive factors and all work as a team, moving FORWARD not backwards.

  • Has the community ever thought about a voting system?

    This form of decision making could be employed for big proposed moves.

    In the interest of fairness, and each participant having their voice heard, the Burst community as a whole should employ a vote on certain issues.

    Does anyone want to vote on this proposal? lol

    Vote Here

  • Voted =)

  • Voted too.

  • @Baron Voted too ;D

  • I'm in for a jelly bean... ;)

  • Voted, but I thought we already had a voting system within the wallet.