Trouble solo mining cause of wallet constantly freezing

  • Hi there, I while ago I decided I prefer to solo mine instead of pool mining, and by trial and error I managed to get all the settings right. I know that my configuration is OK because I have successfully mined some blocks.

    My problem is that I am losing a significant percentage of mining time, because the wallet regularly stops updating because of a block not accepted, and it writes something about wrong order and timestamps.

    My clock is being synchronized every 1 min, so it's not that I'm out of sync.
    This happens approximately 10-15 times a day, and I have to be alert, and when it happens I have to restart the wallet.
    If I restart, everything works OK until the next freezing etc...
    I have tried to redownload the blockchain several times, but this did not resolve the issue.

    Running Windows 7
    Running Karen's Time Sync, and synchronizing to a timeserver with max 2ms latency
    Running Wallet 1.2.8
    (have tried both the one contained in the Win_portable_0.3.9.3 distribution, and the one from github)
    when they freeze, they give different messages. The github version just says "block not accepted", while the one contained in the portable distribution gives multiple lines with timestamp info, but the end result is the same.
    Running blago CPU miner 1.160705_AVX_i64 (I had a crash problem with that too, but I resolved it by disabling "show winner", now it runs consistently).

    Any advice?

  • @Metallaxis ,

    I feel your pain, I too had basically the same problems. I now mine pool, until this issue can be an anomaly instead of the norm. One thing you can do is to run multiple instances of the local wallet (I ran 3). two are backup and one is running the miner. If the miner wallet freezes, you can just go to the miner.conf and change the miner over to one of the two working wallets. Then copy the DB of the other running wallet to the frozen one and that will be ready to run as a backup. As you can see this still doesn't relieve you of your constant vigilance, that's why I bagged it, swallowed the 2% pool fee to let someone else babysit the wallet.

    Another thing I thought about but never pursued, since it appears that pool software runs pretty good, once in awhile a wallet gets stuck etc. was to set up the pool software and I would be th only miner. But IIRC you need a vitual machine or some such crazy configuration, and I didn't look into it any further.