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  • Hi all - Glad to meet you all and to be here myself. I found ecurrencies a few years ago with BTC, but was quickly outgrown via the difficulty level and costs of replacing equipment. I found myself eternally trying to earn the costs to upgrade, and so chasing my own tail was doing nothing for my wallet and was just burning my electricity....
    So I slugged along in the hobby earning here and learning there for a while until I got bored again, and started looking for something more to do. I looked into finding a coin I could mine without buying a bunch of new expensive hardware - So I found cpu mining -> It looks like (generally speaking, at this time) there are four-ish coins that can be mined via CPU. I think I chose the strongest of those with Burst.

    So I'm here -> I have my lappy running a little tiny 100 (ish-again) Gigs - but I have a 3TB hard drive to add to my desktop and will soon be running better. 'Till then, I'm reading and learning and will be asking some questions of you more experienced folks. Thanks in advanced!!


  • Hi @Rossman01 welcome to the forum. 🙂

  • @Rossman01 Welcome mate... Ask all about it and someone will certainly help you out! See you around... 😉

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    @Rossman01 Welcome on board, enjoy ASIC-resistant mining.

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Welcome, have fun!