2HDDS - SAME PLOTS - Little questions.

  • Hello everyone!

    Well, this morning i go to the shop, and i get this new HDD.
    0_1467804123976_3ef38d4a26bd36a6c565144199539c8d.png Someone knows if is right for minning? I will get a new one soon, maybe better than this, but i think is ok for now.

    Ok guys, i have a little question, and i really dont understand how it works.


    How can i do to have 2HDDS, attached to he same plots?

    My old HDD have 1TB, and this one 4TB, i will like to combine both, and get something like 4.8 , or 4.5 with both TB.

    Someone can explain me a bit how can i do that? Im sure you guys some of you are working with more than 1HDD, but i really dont understand how it works.

    Thanks you all!.

  • admin

    @IIOBrocker You can run multiple drives for the same plot. If using the All In One it will take care of making sure your plots don't overlap, if doing it manually you'll have to calculate it.

  • @haitch Hey, ty for ur reply... what do u mean with "All in One" the burst wallet , plott, and miinning? Hum, man i really dont know how to get 4.5 TB from 2hdds, and after that plot them togheter...

    I mean, have 2hdds attached to the same plots. I really need to know how to do it..

    Can u explain me just a bit? Thanks you..

  • admin

    @IIOBrocker - The All In One lets you select the drive letters, and how much space to use. Do it for the 1TB drive, then repeat for the new 4TB drive. The AIO will take care of nonce numbering, then find and use both drives for mining.

  • @haitch Wow nice! Sounds so easy! Thanks you so much.. i will plot the 4TB right now.. Thanks you haitch!