Bounty - Errors identified in Mining 101 topic - Section 2of13

  • Hi FrilledShark - Is this reward still active? I'm pretty good at proofreading - and notice some issues in the 101's... Specifically, I've found some grammar instead of spelling... see mine below...........

    ------------quote with errors in bold-------------------
    FrilledShark 11 months ago
    What is a plot?
    A plot is a section of space created for mining burst coins. A plots consists of a number of nonces, which is 256 kb in size.
    (A plot consists of...)

    The nonces are your machine power, they are the ones delivering deadlines to you. Each round(block) your miner will calculate the deadline of your nonces and broadcast them to the network.

    Each plot is connected to a numeric ID. This ID points towards an account address.
    (This ID points toward...)

    This account is the account the plots [u]is[/u]are mining for. You are able to see which address a plots points towards, by searching the first number. 14750531867371072502_0_2097... on any block explorer.
    This means the plots is only connected to an account and not to any pool.

    (This is the account the plots are mining for....)
    (able to see which address a plot... points toward....)
    (this means the plot...)
    -------------end quote------------------

    I hope this is good enough to score a small bounty - and if this is what you are looking for, I'd be happy to do a more in depth analysis (I'm a data analyst in the real World)

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