Did the rain start again?

  • Someone brought it to my attention they got a small payment from a wallet they did not recognize, BURST-6EKN-KRPB-KLK7-H9C2H. The last transaction was a payment from MTM Gaming Dividend Wallet. The other small transactions that were sent were all to mtmgaming asset holders. I checked a lot at random and every account that recieved a small payment held MTMG. I forgot to mention these are very small payments, less than the TX fee.

  • The payments are all diff amounts and looks more like an asset payout so I may be wrong. Still seems a little odd.

  • @newsense2004 No, the rain is where they over flood the wallet with transactions, the best way to explain it is, if your wallet crashes then yes its likely rain, the current wallet has a drawback, if you over flood it with transactions then it will run out of memory. ive check this account "BURST-6EKN-KRPB-KLK7-H9C2H" and it looks to be just random payments maybe, but I only glanced at it...

  • @Hect0r I know what rain is but why the random payments all to MTMG holders?

  • @newsense2004 maybe its just a payment, as they look only little it might just be a payout... sorry if I made that comment to easy 😛