95% Assets Seems Scams or Handled with Selfishness and Unmaturity is their Any Drastic Change required in Asset Exchange?

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    @LithStud said in 95% Assets Seems Scams or Handled with Selfishness and Unmaturity is their Any Drastic Change required in Asset Exchange?:

    either you invest or you dont. If you invest you dont get to complain

    hahaa you remind me of someone from other forum lolz

  • @dvndr007 no idea who i go on BN to post weekly updates for my asset and thats it 😛

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    @LithStud said in 95% Assets Seems Scams or Handled with Selfishness and Unmaturity is their Any Drastic Change required in Asset Exchange?:

    and it happens when those who traded FIAT got more than those investing

    no one invest if evryone think like this

  • @dvndr007 sigh you really dont know how it all works? Every kind of investement has its own dangers, and depending on how good you are you can try investing short term or you just want your money to not sit and waste you invest into something longterm. What all of that comes down to is how much you want to risk.

    There is no get rich quick methods. Everything requires work.

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    @LithStud investors only enter if they found profit ratio more its asset issuers deal how he give investor profit and make it happy and grow his asset!!

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    @LithStud said in 95% Assets Seems Scams or Handled with Selfishness and Unmaturity is their Any Drastic Change required in Asset Exchange?:

    There is no get rich quick methods. Everything requires work

    Exactly everything requires smart work and smart work always paysoff thats what investors seek.

  • @dvndr007 just the same you cant make everybody happy, now i am talking about my own asset only as i am most familiar of how it works 😛 from the very begining i told everybody its long term (heck its in my signature lol) and since its based on other altcoins its obvious dividends will vary. Now how well asset does will depend on my decisions and research (so my hard work). Now i think there were some who bought it thinking long term is (two months or so) afcourse they will be dissapointed, since for me long term is years. If investor decide to just make a quick buck he can do that maybe not the same value in BURST but still in profit, those who trully invested long term well they will keep on holding passing on this quick profit and instead trusting in getting steady dividends.

    Dont forget one thing you complain about how its bad because BURST increased in price, but it might have gone down as well, then what? Do the asset issuers get to complain how its not fair? I doubt it.

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    @Propagandalf said in 95% Assets Seems Scams or Handled with Selfishness and Unmaturity is their Any Drastic Change required in Asset Exchange?:

    Asset investors who are in it for the long run are not in deep shit, but the quick profiteers are, until liquidity can be restored. It is clear that we need to educate investors better so they can make more informed decisions before investing in assets. Many people who invest here have probably not invested in anything before in their life, so it is understandable that not everything is grasped easily.

    investment is hard earned money if any investor gives his money to someone it means he trust him he trust his words and its very big responsibility of asset issuer to prioritize that investor and keep that investment safe help him to grow his investment becoz that investor help him when issuer require that investment. that investment may be very small hard earned one cent or maybe just extra thrown cash by some rich guy.rich guy forget but that hard earned cent what issuer should care about.

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    Anyone have any idea why Haitch asset not going down with increase in price etc lolz

  • @dvndr007 Because those who have invested in it have decided not to sell.
    It seems that you forget that normally the price of the assets after they are in the market is marked by investors who prefer to recover their investment even if prices are lowered.

    For example someone who has bought assets 6 months ago even if you sell now at half price will earn money, lose burst but earn dollars.

    Personally with this rise I have not sold neither assets nor burst, but we have to think that not everyone thinks of burst, many invest thinking of dollars or euros, but this happens in all currencies

  • I tell ya one excuse I hate to hear from Burst Mining Asset managers is the current price of Burst to fiat..

    If I start a asset at 200 burst per share when 200 burst = 20cents of fiat and then six months later the price of 200 burst goes to $20.00.
    One thing I'm not going to do is issue new assets at 20 Burst per share because it now only takes 20 Burst per share to equal that original share/fiat price of $0.20 per share.
    What I'm going to do in order to expand my asset is issue those shares at a price of at least 200 Burst. So if I want to expand with a 8tb drive that costs $400 I would issue 20 new shares at that same 200 coins each. I think the asset managers feel like they must issue thousands of shares at a time which is not the case .
    If your asset is mainly a Burst mining asset then fiat shouldn't even be a tiny little part of the equation. Burst assets need to be measured in Burst not fiat. The AE is traded with Burst not fiat. Once folks get this through their heads we will be able to move forward.

    The AE is so far down right now because people don't care. No one is out in the real world breaking their neck so that they can come invest in Burst assets.

    Look at one of the assets that have stuck with Burst this whole time. SoCalFarm is one of the very few that has played this right.

  • I hope yall essentially understand what your telling investors. What your telling them is that your asset is in the dumps because the coin your mining is up about what 500% at least. This is what your telling us. "the coin I'm mining and payout dividends in is up a chit load therefore the share price is way down" that is what your fucking telling me.
    No the assets are down because like said no one gives a hoot about your asset. Your not buying back shares, your not reinvesting out of your own pocket your not implementing a reinvestment plan,,,,,and therefore no one cares, no one wants it. That is why your prices having falling of the dam screen altogether.

    I understand for assets like 402 that dipple and dapple into all kind of ventures but it is not acceptable for Burst miners.

  • @Dillion You have to understand that no one will invest if it's not profitable. I will once again use CCM as example as it's easy to calculate with it^^ If CCM asset costs 10burst/share you would have to pay ~500$/tb. No one will pay this much... It's normal thing to adjust price so you are buying mining power at normal price - ~30$/tb. That's essentialy what most of assets named here are, buying mining power. It's like crying that you bought graphic card for btc burst while btc was cheaper...

  • I want to invest but I'm still lost in this, I don't get most of the replies here. So if the coin increase in value the Asset Exchange loses? then what is the point in the first place for an asset exchange? the main thing we as miners want is for the coin to increase in value right?

    If I becoming an asset holder means I'm against the coin increasing in value, I will not invest in assets. I own NXT and asset issuers over there work to bring the coin higher in value! not saying stuff like increasing the coin can kill the AE...

  • @Hyzi0 I clearly see your point. However your not factoring in that coin being mined and paid out in dividends is way up in value. Your right no one will pay $500 tb. So all in all it looks like the best thing is to just stay away from the assets altogether as the coin is the better asset to hold because if the coin goes up drastically your asset holding will go down in coin value drastically and you'll never get your original amount of coins back.

  • @TheMartian thank you very much. Its a tuff go around here to get some to understand this.

  • @Dillion I agree with you, for now being a miner is the best asset to hold right now! invest in yourself and buy drives for yourself, is more profitable and a lot less risky!!

  • @Hyzi0 From my example above with sticking with the 200 coin per issue asset price it will be profitable for investors who got in when Burt was cheap to fiat and will still be profitable for those getting in when Burst is up because were not measuring Burst mining assets in fiat. . Whos charging $500 worth of fiat of shares for 1tb?

    Also some o these asset issuers need to quit being so dunghole on expanding. Don't lower your share price and cut off your investors heads in order to expand. Like said if you can't sell your issued assets then OH Well no one wants it evidently.

  • @Dillion You might get ROI^^If it wouldn't be possible there would be no miners^^ The funny thing with assets is that you have to divide whole profit equaly to all shares. So if there are 2 investors who bought 2 cards. 1st one bought 100 shares for 200 burst - equivalent card's price. Then price went 10x up and second one bought 10 shares for 200 burst - again equivalent card's price. 1st investor would receive 90.9% dividends. That's why asset issuer have to lower the price so second investor gets 100 shares as well for card he bought.
    I know that you feel kind of cheated but there is no simple way out. If you want to mine, assets are the simpliest way to do it and sell your 'equipment'^^
    @TheMartian Assets boost burst's price^^ Most of them are mining farms that pay you what is mined (literaly legit cloud mining with contracts you can sell). You can also trust your money with traders and earn portion of their profits^^ It's great thing but it's free market so if a lot of ppl want to exchange to burst at once there might not be enough buyers to do it at the time.

  • @Hyzi0 I strongly disagree. Do not look at it as well this guy 6 months got 1tb worth of shares when it took 90k shares to get one tb. Today it only take 1 share to expand 1tb......this is not a problem as the investor is buying into the asset dividends. Yes his one tb of shares is only one share however he is adding that share to the dividend pot. Ohhh its hard to get my words out on this little chat box.
    If the asset I paying a average of 1 coin a week per share then he is now a part of that and it is going to cost him 200 coins just like everyone else. That one share is now part owner of the entire revenue of the asset. Hope this makes sense to you I'm trying.