Harddisk disappears

  • Hello all,

    Since I'm mining with jminer I noticed that 1 of my biggest harddisks disappears after a few hours of mining. Than I need to go to the computer, switch the power of from the hard disk with dissapeared, switch it on again and the disk is coming online again. This process is constantly after a few hours of mining. Anyone a idea what's happening?

    Oh... the disk is 5TB and 2 weeks old. My other 5TB disks don't have this problem.

  • Seeing you have more than one... Try switching the power adapter and USB cable with your known good working drive. Does the problem stay with the drive or move to the known good working one?

    I had a bad power adapter on a camera plague me once.

  • @ScreamIndevnull gonna give it a try. But I think that isn't the problem because when I'm mining with the wallet miner the disk doesn't disappear and seems to work good.