GPU plot generator stops plotting before finished. Is it possible to continue the old plot?

  • I am having problems with the GPU plot generator. I am trying to plot 2TB right now. It stops at random times. sometimes at 10%. sometimes at 50% ect.

    Is it possible to continue plotting the file after it stopped?

    Any other ideas that might cause this problem?


  • admin

    @PummelHummel No you can not continue, if it hangs up you can delete and restart or try to repair what you have with plotChecker ... and plot another one on the rest of the drive.
    Maybe try xplotter ... has the benefit to create optimized plots even if it may take a little longer it seams very stable plotter.

    I initialy also had a lot of problem with gpuPlotter ... using same gpu than display can be a issue ... i modified the devices.txt until i found settings low enough to run stable.

  • @PummelHummel @luxe Just an update. It is possible to stop and continue plotting using Xplotter. I came across this video explanation, which I have used to slowly plot 5 TB of HDD space.

    I cannot thank this guy enough!