Cant plot on 32 bits Win7

  • c:\Burst\x86>java -Xmx1990m -cp pocminer.jar;lib/;lib/akka/;lib/jetty/* pocmin
    er.POCMiner generate 15171160872096424178 300000001 65472 1152 2
    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for 2037760KB object heap


  • @hgrh if you have > 2Gb of RAM - try "-Xmx2300m"
    also, "The total amount of nonces should be a multiple of the stagger amount."
    "Due to a JVM limitation and the way generation is currently implemented, the maximum stagger amount is currently 8191."

  • Nice. Will try it. Ty.

  • My first plotfile was made with '-Xmx750m' on a 32 bit ... win xp i think