Asset Exchange Question

  • I have been buying Bitcoin and Ethereum for the past couple years at Coinbase and have been researching different Crypto Currencies and really like Burst.

    I pulled the trigger and bought 68K thursday night. Anyway, I have been reading the documentation regarding asset exchange.

    Anyway the following link seems to keep going in a circle. So I was really unable to find any answers to my question.

    Could the asset exchange be used for offering shares in a LEGAL WASHINGTON STATE POT related business?

    Could the asset exchange be used for offering shares in a Brick and Mortar Retail Franchise?

    Could the asset exchange be used to offer shares in a or Ebay business that focuses on Adult Toys?

    Is there perhaps a list of what you might consider prohibited?

    Kind of like the one that google has for adsense.

    Thank you for your help.

  • The asset exchange can be used for anything. There are no restrictions on what a asset can be. You basically just create the asset in the wallet then either distribute the shares or make a sell order in the asset exchange on the wallet.

    The only thing stopping people from creating random assets is the 1k investment to create them plus the marketing to make them successful.

  • @manfromafar thank you for the insights