• I want to start mining, but there are no faucets working to activate my account and change the reward assignment.... The forum faucet says me to wait 10 hours before trying again...

  • Whats your burst address and how many Terabytes of storage are you planning to mine with?

  • I am planning to start with 9tb and grow from there, but i still have to plot all the files etc. But cant get things rolling because of the faucets. BURST-TNUU-JL46-QZSF-DZG2A

  • You can start plotting right away you don't need any burst in your wallet to start.
    But with 9TB you should be good to go in most pools.
    I'll send you 5 burst to get you started.
    Hope to see you on the pool:http://poolofd32th.club/

    If you have any questions please feel free to join the pools discord channel in my sig

  • Nice, thanks. One question, i can plot and mine at the same time? And if my computer shutdown in the plotting process can I continue later?

  • Yes you can if you split your plots up. So say you have a 8TB drive if you make one 1TB plot you can start the miner and itll mine on that 1TB plot. At the same time you can start plotting another 1TB plot on the same drive and once it finishes the miner will pick it up and start mining with it.

  • Ok, helped me a lot. I will join your pool later, see ya!

  • Oops sorry missed the shutdown part. If your computer shuts down halfway through plotting then the plot will be half complete now there is a tool that will check the plot and try to fix corruption but its better to just replot the corrupted plot and if you do it in chunks it shouldn't be to painful.

  • Another two quick questions 🙂
    I can make plots of diferent sizes with no problem, right?
    I need to check what nonce the last plot stopped before making the next?

  • @hgrh Yes you can have plots sizes of whatever size you like. This is just controlled by the number of nonces you plot.
    Again yes when creating multiple plots you have to make sure that the nonces do not overlap. so easiest is to take your starting nonce then add the number of nonces you plotted plus 1 that way you wont run into any overlaps.