Has BURST LOST it's Community Spirit?

  • When I joined BURST i felt a really warm and fuzzy feeling and felt I was part of a great community but now all I see is arguments and pointing the finger..Nasty remarks from member to member, rudeness, impoliteness and almost no compassion for others..

    Is this what BURST is all about?
    I am all for freedom of speech, the odd bit of cussing IN JESTING MODE..
    Freedom to express different ideas and even the freedom to CORDIALLY DISAGREE and debate with one another..but come on GUYS and GALS..it feels more like a ruddy ROMAN AMPHITHEATER than BURST COMMUNITY anymore..
    I know we can never go back to what we were before but we need to ask ourselves one question, even outside of BURSTOSPHERE..
    Where are we going as a species? Has being bombarded with KARDASHIAN reality shit and intense violence on social media made us so uncaring and insensitive to one another that we don't care anymore if we hurt others?

    I am making my choice today that I want to remain a human being and want to evolve into something much better than what I am now..We all need to ask ourselves the same question..Where do we see ourselves as a human race? Love and Peace always... just another burst bag lady xxxxx

  • @qibucks good minded people mixed with scammers , that is the problem here

  • @qibucks Unfortunately this always happens when something starts to grow.
    When something grows it is very possible that good people come, but it is also very possible that other less desirable people come, what we have to try is not to give them notoriety.
    People with more or less education are everywhere, the worst is that an unwanted makes more noise than 10 decent

  • @qibucks I do agree that this is not the community that I went into from the start either, and I completely share your feelings regarding the recent polarization. but I always think to myself that you can't appreciate a 'warm and fuzzy' community unless you've also felt the other end of the stick. Yeah it's a bit tough right now, and more a place for people making a quick buck instead of supporting the assets wholeheartedly. but just like the burst-price it bounces up and down and I'm sure we'll survive. drama level is at 100% right now (I hope), and it will only get better from here 🙂
    What doesn't kill you simply makes you stronger!
    I love all you guys ❤

  • @qibucks it lost its community spirit in January, I felt like the burstnation forums were going to be a good thing, but it kinda split the community apart.

    I felt only the warm and fuzzy feeling when it was september to december where everyone was on the forums, and where you actually put something in mining and plotting section for help, they answer in like seconds.

    where assets were actually trusted and not fucked up everywhere in their {ANN} and {PRE-ANN} ( except for Jervis ) fuck you jervis

    BURST is just a coin, where from the recent pumps and dumps, people think its a scam, people saying this kind of advertising would bring BURST into a new life, ( the community looks great now ) anyways off the sarcasm.

    Ever since those ddos attacks started happening, everything fell apart, and then we can all chuckle at Adam's Exposed Videos saying that these forums is trash, and it should never have been a part of the community. Seems things have flipped around.

    maybe if people weren't so close-minded we would be going somewhere but meh.

  • @cashgold Forgive but this to me already I squeal, perhaps there are scams in bitcoin and in the other currencies ?, I have suffered a few for example to the value of today only with the closure of mtgox I would have about 40,000 dollars and is just an example.

    This is not a burst problem, it is a problem of the human race in which many prefer to earn money effortlessly at the expense of the effort of others, this is life itself

  • @qibucks I think you are right. Seems everyone is on edge, including myself. As any community gets larger this is bound to happen. I am looking at it as growing pains.. Scammers and thieves will be found and called out but that i guess is how it goes. From the recent implosion across the pond there is definitely going to be blow-back. It is expected. People lost money and good people who are tied in with the bad are getting caught in the mix. Trust is a hard thing to get back but it is possible. I am just happy we have a place to hash things out.

    In all honesty i think everything is fine although sad that things can change and so quickly. This is the crypto world one of the most volatile and haste-full markets on earth. I hope for calmer waters in the future but I assure you hostility will always be a constant as the community gets bigger.

  • @qibucks Agreed completely.

    I got into Burst sometime near the end of 2016 and since then have been developing something that should draw a lot of attention to the coin. However I really regret choosing Burst for my project since it appears most of the high profile members of the community can't handle disagreements without ad hominem attacks, misogynistic insults, or worse.

    Anyone new coming in is not going to care who flung the mud first when the entire community is covered in mud.

  • @FlippyCakes lets just call it Mud Baths! Its good for your skin you know 😃

  • @qibucks Tbf their is a large amount of scammers in bitcoin, their are a large amount of scammers everywhere, the only person ill call out is adam, no one else, I dislike him and ive made it public, it doesent mean im being nasty im just rather annoyed he thinks it is his empire over a community, im disgusted at the way he treats genuine people like @crowetic and his fiancee (I think she is, not sure) but the point still stands, he is a known spammer, people like that dont deserve a platform, just my 2 cents.

    I think the arguing is good to a certain point, we're all human, but sometimes I might have taken some things a bit far, which is why instead of calling out adam's crap here I do it rather healthy via twitter, id rather not discuss this here, but I still do sometimes, im more focused on my developments anyway.

    But I have to agree at a line with it, we need to focus on developing stuff for burstcoin, getting adaption with this efficient coin, otherwise we will just turn into a hatred ball which will bounce only so far.

  • It was never going to be peaceful getting rid of the tyrant involved. Hopefully, without anymore (legitimate) fuel, it'll start to die down. We can only hope! ❤

  • Every great project has growing pains, and so does Burst. Community spirit will only die if we let it, and I reckon there are tons of great people here keeping the coin alive each and every day. Nothing to worry about. 🙂

  • There will always be disagreement when there are many people involved... everyone has their opinions and perspective.

    BUT... the current nastiness, drama, and immaturity is mainly the result of ONE PERSON. Everyone needs to keep that in mind. There are still great people here .... and BURST is still BURST. Don't let that one person get the best of you.

  • @qibucks As a species, we are doomed. A family member of mine will soon bring a new life into this world. It makes me sad to think she might not be able to see real coral reefs in the ocean when she grows up.

    The burstcoin community, as a whole, is doing just fine. As our small community grows, we will see more drama and more people trying to take advantage of the coin and others. Don't listen to the noise and the drama. Listen to the ones that have long-term trust within the community and are not going anywhere soon.

    Lastly, just like in real life, you must be careful with your money and use it wisely. Use your Burst for things that make sense for you. Especially now that the coin has seen an increase in value. Yet, don't be afraid of taking a little risk every now and then. 😉

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    chill out guys its a part of game and reality is this heat keeps it alive i can see burst is more stronger than before i dont know why are you not seeing it lolz

  • @qibucks These are just growing pains. When you have splits, differences and detractors.

    The core of Burst are the miners, the speculators are an unfortunate symptom.

    One must remember that markets are fuelled by two emotions - greed and fear..

    What we have essentially is a decentralised currency that should not be controlled by manipulation, it should be allowed to grow or fall naturally without control freaks trying to direct it in their desired direction.
    AG looks upon Burst as his 'empire' but his psychotic mind does not see the true picture, simply that one idiot cannot claim the throne over something that truly belongs to the whole collective group.
    To truly move ahead, Burst must be nurtured, and have good roots, this why it will survive any splits etc...

  • @keyd0s your comment about feeling the other end of the stick struck a chord with me. I am part of the "new" Burst crowd and found out about Burst via YouTube videos. Unfortunately this included BN/AG videos at a time I was looking for a community. So I joined right before the poop hit the fan. The total AG dictatorship, talk of his "empire", petty bannings, etc. totally turned me off.

    I found this wonderful place as a result. I made a personal decision to not be part of the hatred and negativity at BN, left, and haven't been back. Several of the nicer people I met at BN either felt the same way or were banned and ended up here. I wish I had "discovered" Burst-Team first. Or...maybe not. Maybe the sad experience over there makes me appreciate this community that much more.

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    @Evo Welcome to the community, I hope you bring others in with you, and that my promise made to another has been shared with you.