How do you uninstall plot to replot drive to use all harddrive space?????

  • How can I uninstall my current plot and then replot my hard drive to get th full potential of my free space, I did not use it all when plotting my drive the first time,?????

  • Plot files are just flat files typically stored in <drive>\plots. All you have to do is delete the file titled <NumericID><start><stop>_<stagger>. My recommendation would be to start a 2nd plot on the same drive but when you run the plot tool do not set it to zero instead set it to the value of the stop in the first plot.

    eg: I have the file: 8176504108164725152_0_4032000_48000
    Therefore I would run wplotgenerater 8176504108164725152 4032000 ##### STAGGER
    Where ##### represents the additional amount of disk space to use in nouce blocks (256k chunks), stagger should be a multiple of 8 and a multiple of your nouce size.



  • Thanks a bunch that answers my ?????s