Trying to understand deadlines

  • Every block i get a diferent deadline? If so I can get "lucky" and find a small deadline with little space ploted? Like if I assign to I have any chance at all to get any coin with lets say 10TB??

  • @hgrh I dont know the odds behind it, well I cannot give you any it is pure luck mathematically, but when you get a deadline it is in a time format, it means how many seconds (length of time) before your deadline is accept as a block, so if I get a deadline of say "7 days, 9 hours and 20 mins, 3 seconds" it means if no one else on the network finds that block in said time, you get it + 1 second, hope that helps sir !

  • Yes it helps. I am just trying to understand the logics yybehind deadlines etc Thankyou. Let me give an extreme example: if i mine with just 100gb, i have chance (even very small) on any pool to get a share of one block

  • @hgrh no, you have more chances the more nonces you have (aka more plots) but mathematics plays the chances here, so you could one day walk away with 10 block rewards with a single nonce (10 blocks, one after the other), its not likely to happen though it is still able to happen, its just down to the amount of nonces you have.

  • So, it works like buying lothery tickets? The more i have more chance, but i still can hit with just one..

  • admin

    @hgrh Exactly - you could theoretically win with any amount of space - my phone found one with < 200GB. But if you go to a pool for big miners, yes you'll get paid out if/when you finally hit a lock, but nothing until then. With pools for smaller miners you'll earn while looking for the Big One.

  • Thanks man, now everything makes sense :D.