Plotting 3 hard drives at the same time with a GPU

  • Hello there,

    I've been mining for 1 month now and I will soon receive 3 more 6TB hard drives.
    I plan to plot them all at the same time on my gaming rig with the help of my 980Ti and gpuplotgenerator. I know it is going to take some time so I want to do it the right/fastest way 🙂
    I plan on making 1TB plot files.
    How should I spread the plot files accross the 3 hard drives for good mining performance ?

    HDD #1 : plot1 - plot2 - plot3
    HDD #2 : plot4 - plot5 - plot6
    HDD #3 : plot7 - plot8 - plot9


    HDD #1 : plot1 - plot4 - plot7
    HDD #2 : plot2 - plot5 - plot8
    HDD #3 : plot3 - plot6 - plot9

    I am currently using creepMiner on my linux server. According to the logs, the plot files are not read in parallel but sequentially. So I guess it should not matter where and how I plot the files. Is this correct ? Can we imagine that, in the near future, the miners will be able to scan several drives in parallel ?

    I would also like to know if there is an alternative to gpuplotgenerator for gpu plotting. The development seems to have stopped 3 years ago and I had mixed results on the Windows version, sometimes it worked fine but sometime it got stuck at the beginning or at the end of a plot wasting a lot of time machine. I also tried to make a batch to queue the processing but it failed after the first one. I quickly tried the linux version on Ubuntu Mate but it seems to have the same behavior than the Windows version.
    The cpu plotters dev seems way more active that the gpu ones unfortunately.

    Thank you !

  • How you order the plots isn't that big of a concern as the miners will read the plots in parallel.
    1TB plots is fine that way if something happens your only down 1TB at a time plus it lets you start mining sooner while you plot the other drives.

    As far as alternatives to the gpu plotter unfortunately there arn't any right now. The plotting applications have fallen to the way side for dev as they kinda just work and you only deal with it once.

  • Also may I ask what pool your in currently or if your solo mining?

  • Thank you manfromafar.
    I am surprised you said the plots where read in parallel because according to creepminer's log, they are read one at a time :

    20.05.2017 19:37:40 (100.00 GB) read in 0.136s (~183.47 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:40 (100.00 GB) read in 0.121s (~206.43 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:40 (100.00 GB) read in 0.157s (~158.44 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:41 (100.00 GB) read in 0.107s (~233.40 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:41 (100.00 GB) read in 0.107s (~232.00 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:41 (100.00 GB) read in 0.107s (~231.86 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:43 (930.00 GB) read in 1.927s (~120.62 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:43 (100.00 GB) read in 0.264s (~94.60 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:43 (200.00 GB) read in 0.547s (~91.36 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:46 (930.00 GB) read in 2.499s (~93.01 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:49 (930.00 GB) read in 2.606s (~89.20 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:49 (100.00 GB) read in 0.254s (~98.38 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:49 (100.00 GB) read in 0.267s (~93.33 MB/s)
    20.05.2017 19:37:49 /mnt/md0/burst/plots read (13 files, 3.80 TB total)

    I'm currently mining at

  • Ah yes you are correct with creepminer I was going from the blago miner.
    So creepminer has a wrinkle in it that it only reads plots in parallel IF they are in seperate folders.

    Setting from conf:
    maxPlotReaders (number >= 0, optional, default = 0)

    This value sets the amount of asynchronous plot readers. Every plot reader reads a list of plot files inside a plot directory (or device).

    If this value is 0 (default), as many plot readers will be created as plot devices exist.

    If the plots are in the same folder then it reads them one at a time. So to have them read in parallel you would need to move them to separate folders and add them into the conf then creepminer will spawn separate threads for each plot folder

  • Neat, thank you for the tips !

  • I am currently plotting the three hard drives with gpuplotgenerator and it seems pretty reliable for the moment. I think the issues I had previously was maybe due to third party app to acess a ext4 partition on Windows 10.
    So, for this time, I booted Ubuntu mate from a usb key and have been gernerating plots with an average of 28000 nounces / minute, 3 plot files at a time, 1TB each. In the end it is going to take around 40 hours to fill the 3 x 6TB hard drives.