Best/ easiest bitcoin wallet

  • So since I'm mining burst now I figure I should open a bitcoin wallet because apparently everyone converts to bitcoin. What's a good wallet to do that? I downloaded coinbase on my phone, but it doesn't seem to give me a wallet address.

    And yes, I would prefer something that has an app.


  • @jhip626 I rly like Exodus wallet^^ But in coinbase you do have your wallet address^^

  • @jhip626 Electrum .. Electrum and Electrum .. its lightweight and very secure with many security features (2FA, MultiSign, HW support, API, SEED, TOR network, Adjustable Fees, ..etc).
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  • Electrum

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  • @jhip626 Exodus for desktop and for mobile 🙂 But there are plenty of choices...

  • I advise everyone, this is a very convenient and easy to use purse for storing bitcoins

  • If you want at 127GB block chain on your HDD like me, it's best to use the official bitcoin-qt wallet core.

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  • I recently installed Exodus, and so far I like it a lot. It's a multiwallet too, so you can store other coins in it, and Shapeshift exchange is integrated into the UI.

    Until now I have used Multibit HD, but I have been getting these annoying errors where my whole balance or parts of it suddenly shows as unconfirmed. I used to be able to fix it by repairing the wallet, but now that doesn't work and restoring from wallet words does nothing either... 😕 I do not recommend Multibit HD.

  • I would not use coinbase since the us gov has been trying to get their records have good luck with
    BTC core android wallet, LTC core and PPC core android wallets. All databases can be backed up with encryption. the secondary device can reuse the phone database too so when you looses your phone no worries.
    on the Desktop Electrum which replaces the messed up multibithd after keepkey took over.
    use an Android Tablet as a backup and the phone as a primary wallet

  • I've been using Exodus, and have my daily cloud mining payments go there.

    I have about $18 worth of BTC that has built up from daily payments.
    But when I go to send or exchange with the wallet, my fee is close to $16
    This is not the case with my DASH daily payments, this is a BTC only situation.

    Here is the response from Exodus support:

    If you type a small amount into the amount box it will show you the fee you have to pay to send BTC on the bottom right edge of the popup.

    If you have a number of small payments over time from a mining contract when you finally send these out as one payout the Bitcoin network requires these inputs be put together and batched into one payment. The fees on these transactions are typically more than just sending a regular transaction.

    Long story short, if you have a bunch of small inputs and have to combine those into one larger input this is more work on the Bitcoin network and requires a larger fee to process this transaction. This is similar to taking a large jar of change and counting it up, adding it all together then converting it into large bills and sending it on. I have seen fees as high as $10 - $70 for mining contract payouts that have gone on for years.

    If you can get larger payments from your mining contract vs. daily small payments that will also help.

    Here is more info on how Bitcoin transaction fees work:

  • I use online bitcoin wallet zum!

  • I use online wallet (fully anonymous bitcoin wallet, no personal identification is required).

  • hey electrum! i lost money through you years ago! ah well.

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