Second Burst Coin to change the mining pol

  • Hello, after a few attempts with the Windows Wallet I have secured an account via sending a message back to the faucet ( My first attempt failed when I named my wallet). It appears that I now have a public key. When I went to try to mine I was asked to select a pool and this process cost one coin . I have tried to use the faucet to get another coin but was told to wait 2200 minutes. The first coin was used to send a message. I have plotted a hard drive on my first attempt with a different wallet that seems to have failed.

    Here are my questions

    1. How do I get another coin without waiting? It appears this is to stop abuse which I totally support.
    2. If I changed the wallet do I need to replot the hard drive?
      3)Where can I ask questions about mining on Linux. I used the Windows wallet on a new box but eventually I would like to have virtual Linux machines.
      4)Plotting took a long time. How do people plot on a GPU?
    3. On the Windows wallet how do I know the mining is working?. I change the pool from pool.burst- to and no longer get a message saying I need to select the mining pool ( which I needed the a burst coin to change). I don't want it to run for too long to realize it is not working.


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    1. Mostly members here are willing to send you some burst, but you need to provide accountID
    2. Not if you change wallet, but if you change accountID. You can ask in this forum about linux. There is a GPU plotter.
    3. You are only mining if a mining/miner window is open.