Lexicon's .NET Burst All In One Wallet (Chromium)

  • Hi All,

    below is my AIO Wallet written in .net

    the last update basically swaps out all the burst nation web wallets with the burst-team ones.

    ill post the source code for this as soon as i figure out how to transfer it to my github and retain history.

    Download link: https://github.com/SOELexicon/BurstAIOWallet/archive/0.1.52-64Bit.zip
    Source code: https://github.com/SOELexicon/Lexicons-Burst-Wallet
    any suggestions would be great 🙂


    https://www.microsoft.com/en-G…oad/details.aspx?id=40784 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 needs to be installed
    • vcredist_x64.exe
    • Flash https://fpdownload.macromedia.…ll_flash_player_ppapi.exe

    chromium uses these components and will result in an error when launching

    Burst best wallet selection with various online wallets,

    • Embedded Chromium Browser.
    • Multiple online wallets.
    • List Of Faucets.
    • Asset Explorer.
    • Salted Password Manager.
    • Network Observers
    • Fastest Wallet Selection
    • Uses Api Calls to each wallet. times the time it takes for each call and determines which is on the highest block to make its decision on the best wallet for that user at that specific time. added bonus to this is it self load balances.
    • Mining and Plotting features
    • Block Explorer

    to note when the wallet starts and loads the local wallet. you should copy the database from your %appdata%/burstwallet directory to the db directory in the release folder
    to save having to re-download the entire database again

    Main Application


    Password Manager


    the password manager works by encrypting your passphrase with AES Encryption that's generated from a code that the user can specify.

    if the user loses this code it will be pretty much impossible to recover your account passphrase.

    Astro's CPU/GPU Plot Configuration Tool




    Check For Updates On Startup


    (bitcoin) 1LvfrJkkjTVADpL3bUGsMk3PsM35tQ3NFU

    Version History

    Version 0.1.5
    • Added Transaction Tab
    • Added Asset Management Tab
    • Added Asset Transfers Tab
    • Added More API Calls
    • Added Content To Transaction Tab
    • Added Content To Asset Transfer Tab
    • Wallet Transactions tab
    • Added, Binded, new comlumns type,subtype,timestamp,transactionID
    • Added function getTransactionType (returns Type (0) and subtype (1) as a list
    • Added Additional Error Handling.
    • Notifications (background threaded)

    Asset Management Tab
    • Dividend calculate button done
    • Finalised Asset Dividend Payouts. (tested working)
    • retreiving the first askorder for accout value
    • Plotter BugFix
    • Added additional parse of the transaction table to sum balance. and set the datasource of the chart control to the new table
    • Added getAccountTransactions Api Call

    Version 0.1.40
    • New Interface
    • Mostly Completed Asset Screen
    • Created Api Methods for Asset buys and sells
    • Candle Stick Chart
    • Parse Asset Trade History to High Low Open Close Positions and include
    • Createed getBidOrders and GetAskOrders Api Methods
    • Populate Grids with Data
    • Add Various Wait Forms.
    • Added Keyboard Shortcut For access to the embedded password manager
    (Ctrl + Alt + Shift)
    • Added Blockchain Tool
    • Added Lotto Page
    • Added Login Screen For new interface. when passwords are generated
    they automatically ask you to save them in the database.
    • Bugfix with changing reward recipient

    Version 0.1.33
    • startup bug to do with splash screen
    • default zoom removal

    Version 0.1.32

    • Flash Support
    • Zoom Feature for each wallet instance.
    • Default Zoom set to -1

    Version 0.1.31
    • Added GitHub API
    • Added Check For Updates On Load using GithubAPI
    • Added Resume Last Plot Button In Plot Configuration tool. (Only Works for xPlotter(cpu))
    • Fixed Bug with GPU Plotter - when application isnt stored on C it still tried to find the application on C.
    • Fixed some more grammar
    Version 0.1.3

    • Wait forms on most heavy working forms
    • Plotter now gets your Account ID from Plots found on drive
    • Plotter Loads AccountID's From File
    • Plotter Dropdown glitch fixed. where the drop down kept closing.
    • Plotter Commit and Submit Buttons Merged
    • Changed "Game's and Social" to "Games and Social" ( nameless being a grammar Nazi)
    • Changed miner form heading from "S" to "Miner"
    • Created API Classs for direct api calls (called callAPI)
    • Moved API Calls into API Classs
    Core Wallet Tweaks
    • Changed Rebroadcasting to 30,10
    • Changed nxt.myPlatform from PC to LexiconsAIOWallet
    there is probably more that 'ive missed.

    Version 0.1.2
    • added set rewardrecipient interface.
    uses direct api calls to the fastest responding wallet
    • added thread selection on the plotting window

    Version 0.1.11

    updated pool list

    Version 0.1.1

    • Changed AccountId to state Numeric Burst Account ID
    • Changed the plots slider so it starts at 1

    Version 0.1.0

    • Astro's Plot Configuration Tool
    • CPU and GPU Plot configuration tool
    • Detects next nonce for plot from prior nonces found on all drives
    • AccountID = Numerical Burst Account ID

    Version 0.0.3
    • Added AVX Detection on miner screen
    • Hid old controls
    • might implement a manual override selection option to show the old layout

    Version 0.0.21

    • Added Mining Section
    • Added Blagos Miner
    • Added A Few Pools

    Please note the plotting section isn't yet complete so is greyed out

    Version 0.0.2
    • Password clear after 20 seconds after decrypting
    • Password and wallet fields auto empty when you add
    • Cleaned up main application form code
    • Added splash screen

  • @Lexicon Need to make this for Ubuntu, I would tip at least 2K! Also add a feature to distribute burst to a list of addresses, it would make it nice when sending bonuses to my miners on my pool, and would add 1K to the tip.

  • @Lexicon you should be able to do a deep copy with git 😉 that should have all the history

  • @LithStud done. updated the thread to

  • Can we do GPU plotting with this wallet? Will they be optimized plots?

  • @dkali1 it has gpu plotting built into the plotting interface but you still need to set up your devices.txt

  • ok, thanks

  • What we have to edit in "device.txt" file when using Lexicon Wallet?

  • Thanks Lexi 🙂