Best plotter and how to calculate stagger end nonce sizes.

  • Hi All..

    Is there a good guide on how to calculate the stagger and nonce size for the plots?

    What plotter should I use to get fast plotting, and optimized plots at the same time?

    Is there a plotter which can calculate it all for me.. Lets say i have a 5TB disk, i want to plot it all, but i want it in splitted plots. I would be nice to have a plotter, where i could tell it that i have 16GB ram, and want to plot the entire disk, but in 256GB plots. or something like that.

    Any suggestions?

  • @monberg75 i used GPU for a long time but found Xplotter to be faster in the long run its built into the AOI client and you can tell it how big of a plot to create, the thing that makes it faster is it plots just a little bit slower or even the same speed as the regular CPU plotter but it plots fully optimised. yes a GPU can create plots much faster but its speed is limited to the write speed of the HDD and then you will need to run Optimiser on the HDD witch takes around the same time as just using Xplotter by its self optimiser is also vary ram hungry

  • There is a nonce calculator so that you can translate space into number of nonces
    For plotting it is not even needed to have the AIO open (as it uses some ram of your system)
    you can go to
    and edit the file RunThisAsAdmin.bat and specify there the starting nonce (-sn) and number of nonces (-n)
    This is if you want to use the CPU plotter. Is is recommended to plot several files of perhaps less than 400 GB, so that in case something goes wrong and need to start over one looses less time.

  • I find the best plotter is xplotter. I run it outside the AIO wallet. I make a spreadsheet to automatically generate the command lines. each nonce is 262,144 bytes. If you want a 100GB (hex) plot the #nonces is 409600, so 4096 nonces is 1GB. 1TB (hex) is 1024GB or 4194304 nonces. But this won't fit on a 1TB (decimal) drive as the drive has a little over 1E12 bytes not 1024^4 bytes. So to make a 1TB (decimal) file I use 3815000 nonces. There is always a little bit of space let after filling the drive so make the last file with the -n 0 command which fills all remaining available space on the drive.

    here is an example for a 5TB drive.

    c:\burst\XPlotter.v1.0\XPlotter_avx.exe -id 14567867970884553099 -sn 1300000000 -n 3815000 -t 4 -path h:\burst\ -mem 1G
    c:\burst\XPlotter.v1.0\XPlotter_avx.exe -id 14567867970884553099 -sn 1303815000 -n 3815000 -t 4 -path h:\burst\ -mem 1G
    c:\burst\XPlotter.v1.0\XPlotter_avx.exe -id 14567867970884553099 -sn 1307630000 -n 3815000 -t 4 -path h:\burst\ -mem 1G
    c:\burst\XPlotter.v1.0\XPlotter_avx.exe -id 14567867970884553099 -sn 1311445000 -n 3815000 -t 4 -path h:\burst\ -mem 1G
    c:\burst\XPlotter.v1.0\XPlotter_avx.exe -id 14567867970884553099 -sn 1315260000 -n 0 -t 4 -path h:\burst -mem 1G

    This file will fill a 4TB drive with 1TB plotfiles plus a baby one at the end.

  • @rds so a 5tb seagate creates 19075000 nounces and it is done ?

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    @leohzc give or take depending on your stagger

  • @leohzc , yes, with a little left over you can fill with the -n 0 line.

  • i donno there seems to be a compelling reason to do gpu over xplotter in some cases example my x4 845 only does around 5000 nounces per min where gpuplotgen in direct mode usb 3.0 hits a wall around 11k n/min not sure need more time to test... will find out later as i have a 4tb and a sata 3tb to plot.

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    @Lunas haven't tested the latest GPU plotter, but the initial phase drove me nuts, and I have pools questioning if my plot is corrupt. With no offense to @cryo I trust xplotter over gpuplotgenerator.

  • @haitch thus far i have yet to have a corrupt plot warning i have mixed xplotter and gpuplotgen plots.

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    @Lunas Most of my GPU plotted drives are fine, but I have a couple that throw this error. Looking at just replotting

  • @haitch I spent most of the day playing with the settings figuring out how to get gpu plotter faster. i am either going to use my 280x or install my r9 390 and set it to plot a usb 3.0 4tb and a internal 3tb.