m.burst4all.com down?

  • Can't seem to access nor mine. What is happening?

  • @BigBear From focus on BN.

    It seems that the person controlling the VM has turned it off. Nothing I can do about it.


  • Down here too

  • How likely is it that the owner closed the pool and cashed out? I've only ever mined eth and burst so I don't know if that's something that happens often or not 😕

  • @crowetic said yesterday on the Burst Discord Channel that he would bring the mobile pool down in order to make sure no one else has access to the pool wallet, due to the issues that happened in the ninja pool... I guess Focus also had access to this wallet and before he made any of the same moves Crow took his precautions... 😉

    I don't think he will cashing out nothing except for a different account in order to protect both the miners and the owners of the pool, then relaunch the pool again and everything should be fine shortly?!

  • Didn't receive my payment

  • @SuaTiger Likewise. Not cool.

  • Yea, apologies for not making an announcement here as well, but @gpedro is correct, I was forced to take the pool down while we work on securing everything. We must again make sure that only the people that we trust have access to the wallets, and information on the pool servers.

    There will be a notice when things come back, and we're working to resolve the issues both here and on ninja as quickly as possible, apologies for any inconvenience, but this is very important.

    As you know, we never take things down like this without a damn good reason, ninja pool has not had a situation like this in the nearly 3 year time it has been running.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • @crowetic Ok thanks. Will we receive our payment when the pool is back online?

  • @BigBear hi mate

    chances are your not going to receive the payment as it would seem that focus has now stolen all of the funds from the burst4all pool bonus holding wallet to


  • @Lexicon Oh shame. Thanks for letting me know though.

  • @BigBear more info here on how they have now stolen from the mobile pool

  • @Lexicon Scum move. what does this mean for m.burst4all? will it be coming back or did it just get murdered? 😕

  • @whitewolf2020 well apparently they have now hijacked the mobile pool.

    as they have stolen the funds and the pool now its safe to say the 10% that usually gets rained on the pool should probably go back to the investors instead

    seeing as he robbed all the investors money from the burst4all asset that should of gone to a 100tb miner.

    focus posted this statement
    "Due to the irresponsibility and lack of knowledge of their new Sysadmin (lol) the mobile miners should not have to suffer any longer. I have restored the mobile pool but it may need a few minutes (up to 4 hours) for the DNS to effectively propagate around the internet."

    funny considering hes a weasel and a thief. he went and stole 143k from the mobile miners and basically stole the mobile portion of it. im amazed this guy is the director of a company considering the decisions hes making.

    who wants to take a bet that he now magically unsteals this money to rain on the mobile miners himself

    the pool was another part of the wealth generation for my asset so they have basically robbed the investors of even more

  • @Lexicon Far out why is there so much drama with this coin. I don't get it. It makes me hesitant to invest in it.

  • @BigBear i know its stupid. i havnt a clue what these peoples problem is. just because i didnt want a part of this i was called a backstabber. and the message ended in good riddance.

    its not called for at all and it just makes it look like we have a bunch of children running things, that throw temper tantrums whenever something doesn't go there way. where they feel the need to publicly humiliate who ever is against them and try to destroy any sort of reputation and credibility the person had left.

    pathetic really.

  • it's simple, since we have the mobile dev... we simply modify the domain that the pool goes to... I don't think I own burst4all domain, that's them I think.

    So what we can do is move the pool once everything is back.

    This whole thing is a damn disaster, and just totally not cool in any way.

  • @crowetic So will a new pool come up soon? 🙂