what should i be getting paid?

  • can someone tell me what I should be getting as my share? its been over 24 hrs and I haven't seen anything yet im mining in http://pool.burstcoin.party/
    and my burst address is in my signature... thanks

  • alt text

    I see you have three Burst coming your way soon. Because of what happened this weekend I believe the pool is still paying every 24hrs but some burst id's are not 100% in sync with that timer yet.

    Give it until the end of today to payout. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll send you the three burst from my personal account.

  • @socalguy shouldi switch pools? that seems low to me?

  • It is low though you are mining with 900 GB and the difficulty is now at 26705. You are welcome to switch to another pool. I'm not going ban you or anything like that if you move. 🙂

    Just keep in mind that staying with a pool for a long time produces better results. Constantly moving from one pool to another and you will never fully sync which could lead to bad results.