MegaBurst Closing - Buy Back on Progress

  • Hello,

    About 8 months ago I am issuing an asset called MegaBurst,

    This asset is based on BURST and always paying fixed interest each week. First 7 months, everything is okay, I can paid smoothly with income from the real business and some from other asset dividends. But unfortunately, Burst price is exploded. As an asset that paying fixed interest each week, it is so hard for me to continue paying as I will be in deficit balance. Many investor won't look and invest in my asset too, this also make me cannot increase my capital for my real business.

    For me, BURST is a great coin, I like the asset exchange so much, but now AE is not interested anymore. I agree that BURST must go up in price, but in solid increment, a huge increment like what happen now is hurting my asset and maybe other asset too.

    I am apologize that I cannot continue my asset again. I will buy back the asset using my other asset dividends, mining reward, and other external sources. The buyback process will take about 1 months.

    The buyback price is same when I am issuing the asset (100 Burst). Please put your sell order now in AE. Burst has increase 7-8x when I am issuing my asset.

    Please be patient during the buyback process.

    Thank you everyone.

  • @bandarfjb sorry to here you will be closing it.

  • admin

    @bandarfjb If you're buying back at the issue price that is very very generous!

    Edit: Ah - You're buying back at same Fiat level - still generous.

  • @bandarfjb thank you for buying back...i wish you success in your future endeavors...

  • @bandarfjb At what price do we put the sell order in at?

  • Thanks for providing a service to Burst, and it's a shame that your asset is closing. Thank you for arranging a proper buy-back of shares.

  • So basically the asset issuer promises to buy back each and every share for the Price of 100 BURST whatsoever within a month.

    The same time sell orders for about 30/share come up, which would mean at least 200% gain for buyers during 4 weeks.

    I smell a RAT.

  • he didn't if you read up top he's buying back the assets in fiat price when they were released. @Marc

  • This is not stated clearly in his posting above. He just stated that he is buying back for 100/ share if you read it closely.

    The buyback price is same when I am issuing the asset (100 Burst

    He also stated the fact that Burst/$ has changed since the last couple of months, then so be it. I assume if the Price of BURST/% has plummeted he would by back his Shares at 600-700 BURST each according to this logic.

    Also, 30/share does not reflect the Statement that

    Burst has increase 7-8x

    because 100/7 aint 30

    Anyway, I do apreciate any asset issuer buying back his Shares at a fair Price and would like to apologize if some misunderstanding from my side.

  • To have earned interest and have a buy back at the same price is nothing short of amazing. Whatever assets he could have easily depreciated it/them and reflect it in the buyback price.

    To me this is nothing short of amazing and would invest with this man with some confidence.