Cor Dev Team/Core Wallet Update

  • Per a post by @Lexicon on steemit... the Core Dev Team is no longer working on updates to the core wallet?

    Could someone please comment? Does this have to do with the announcement 6 days from now? I sincerely hope you guys aren't giving up.

    I know there's been a ton of crap going on but transparency would be appreciated. And you guys most definitely deserve to be paid. I donated 100k to the Dev fund, not sure what recourse I would have against the person that currently controls it?

    Ironically I didn't want to donate to a person/crowdfund but was told the way to make sure it goes to the Dev team would be to donate to that wallet... which of course now pisses me off a bit. Just seems like things weren't being totally thought out at times?

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    Looks like catbref, iceburst and lexicon came pretty far with their goal and progress certainly won't stop even if one of them wants to take a break.
    Burst never had so many developers as today...

  • well the core wallet funds are in adam and focus's control. all of the 2 million odd coins.

    they told me a few weeks ago that they wasnt going to pay iceburst for the work he's doing he was due 30% of the total.

    we approached them on the topic where they said the funds for the core wallet was for 8,000$ not the $22k usd the full 2 million are worth. this was the accumulation of nameless's 402 donation to the dev fund, and crowetics donations.

    from the looks of things were not getting that back.

    just like the ninja wallet funds. work on the core wallet has been suspended till we can sort something else. been having to secure ourselves left right and centre because of the theft to ninja so cat and ice are currently busy changing ninjas wallets. and will probably need to do however the funds that get sent daily (1k burst) is also in the control of them.

    resetting all passwords on the vm's and removing backdoors put in place

    never thought id see it go this far

  • Doesn't surprise me, money makes people do funny things. Not in your guys shoes, but sounds like there was too much trust and not enough checks and balances in place.

    Just hope you guys stick with it, impressed with what you've done thus far.

  • When will this end..........when we have a second layer of wallet security. 4pin code such as the ones in a MPOS mining pool. Doesn't the android wallet have that.
    Lets take the time to update everyone wallet to the latest with additional security features.