Concurrent Plots

  • Quick technical question - is there any advantage or disadvantage to concurrent plotting VS random plotting.

    EX: I plot 3 drives

    Are nonce ranges: 0-1024; 1025-2048; 2049- 3072;
    better than/worse than/the same as: 0-1024; 10000-11024; 20000-21024;

    Are there any probabilistic differences?

    If everyone starts at 0 and I start at other end and work backwards (I have seen full allowable nonce range quoted - do not know off-hand) is there any difference in what deadlines I might find mathematically?

    Thanks in advance for your time and help!

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    @ATLPolit I makes absolutely no difference, the nonce numbers are just a index ... you can leave as much empty as you like ... just do not use same index twice ... as it would be a waste of space.

    Just a example of my plots:

  • Thank you, sir!

    Organizationally is definitely easier that way but I was unsure though of how the actual math worked for plots and if deadlines 'live' at various ranges and they had some physical difference.

    So it seems in no way beneficial for me to have a range of nonces that is rarely used/unused completely by the network?

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    @ATLPolit You will never be able to fill up all the 18446744071922212865 possible nonces for your account ... a miner (software) will find the best of your nonces for current round ... the network does not know how many nonces you have or were some are 'missing'. It can just check if the one you committed leads to a good result/deadline.
    Every nonce is like a ticket in a lottery ... you can not have all possible lottery tickets, but the more you have, the bigger your chance ... hmm no idea if that was a good analogy 🙂

  • @luxe I understand that bit, let me try and clarify my question:

    If I have 10000000071922212865-10000000081922212865 plotted.

    And you have 71922212865-81922212865

    We have the same number of nonces (10,000,000,000) - same probability...

    BUT do we find different deadlines because of different ranges?

    Essentially - are your lottery ticket numbers range-dependent or range-independent?

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    @ATLPolit we will both have different deadlines for nonce 0 as the accountID is included in plotting.

  • Badass - exactly the sort of info I needed to understand more thoroughly.

    Thank you, sir!

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    @ATLPolit From ... you may find more facts there you are looking for.
    (WARN: Some links there may be outdated, as it is the org. thread, not edited anymore)