Help with lexicon pool not receiving payment

  • Fairly new to this but really need some help trying to track down where my coins are going.
    Currently using the Burst Client for windows (downloaded here) and setup my wallet online: BURST-PRB3-3L82-SCXT-52YUH. The wallet works, I've sent a few coins and they showed up just fine. I started mining a few days ago and would watch the pending payments grow. My memory is bad but I believe there were maybe 120-130 burst showing pending, then payouts happened, my pending went to 0 but my address did not show up in payments. My wallet does not show the coins coming in but it does show that I 'won' 2 blocks. Chatted with a few helpful folks RyanW and Tross both told me to post here and maybe we could figure out what it happening. When I click on the forge tab here is what I see:

    363224 5/23/2017 15:46:19 4'498.85345033 14 14 You 3 KB 0001 %
    361788 5/19/2017 15:12:15 4'087.08604888 12 12 You 4 KB 0001 %

    But my wallet still shows no increase (1 + 10 Ryanw sent)

    Any thoughts or help? Did I somehow mess up when switching to the lexicon pool by pasting the wrong thing in the wrong window?
    Thank you all again!

  • I see that you won 2 blocks last 4 days. The last one so 3 hours ago. I dont see payment for either one. Only one block was won from Lexicon pool and that was 3 hours ago. I left him a message at discord! invite for Discord!

  • @tross Thank you sir!

  • @Cau5tic It looks like @Lexicon server was having issues. He's "raining" burst to the miners now to make up for the lost coins.

  • @ryanw Silly question, how can I tell how much I missed since it didn't show up in the wallet?

  • @Cau5tic is BURST-PRB3-3L82-SCXT-52YUH your burst address. sorry ive been really busy. having a lot of issues

  • @Lexicon Take your time mate, I understand you have bigger issues right now- I'm still mining with you but yes my first time mining and that is the correct address 🙂
    Again, very new to mining but when you get time can you help me understand how payments are intended to work? I watch my pending payments climb- sometimes to 120 then it looks like everyone is reset to 0 pending and it climbs again. I never see my address in payments and I don't believe i ever hit the 250 payout (also nothing in wallet) shouldnt those coins continue to build until they reach the payout or am I missing something?
    Appreciate the post and the help!

  • @Lexicon is pretty reliable on his pool. I was just asking others about this too because I haven't received a payout in 4 days now. No worries though. One of the better pools out there in my opinion.
    I see payments for others on the payment side, weird.
    @Cau5tic glad to see the pool see's you and you won a block already, congrats!

  • @Cau5tic haha cheers bud yeah not having a good time. i think my pool was attacked the timing is to convenient.

    ive taken a look at the chain and ill be sending you over the 1742 burst. the address above ok?

    so anyone else whos having problems basically theres 2 issues thats happened with lexpool.

    issue 1. the pool crashed on payout. this caused the blockwinner to get nothing. if this happens let me know the block you have won and ill try to get funds over to you. i always put others first even in these dark times.

    issue 2. the last crash caused the pending payments file to wipe itself as the crash happened between moving the pending from memory to file. im planning to fix this with mysql server integration. as sql databases are generally better than file type databases. the missing burst in pending ill rain on the pool over the next week or so lol.

    the reason for the rain on issue 2 is because i no longer have a list of who was in pending for how much and i cant take peoples word for it as i could end up sending more out than i should. so the fairest and best method would be to rain this onto all the miners over the next week. the value im raining ive added like 20k to so users should get more back than they had before it went down.

  • @Lexicon The above address is fine- Thanks again and hopefully things will calm down for you!

  • @Lexicon When things settle down for you, could you help me with why I didn't get paid for the first block from 5/19? I started mining your pool (my first time mining) around 5/18 or 5/19 but still haven't received anything yet. Some of the problem may be my lack of understanding how pools work and I know some of it was trouble with the pool. Did the pool problems start on 19th perhaps or did I mess something up on my end?
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    363224 5/23/2017 15:46:19 4'498.85345033 14 14 You 3 KB 0001 %
    361788 5/19/2017 15:12:15 4'087.08604888 12 12 You 4 KB 0001 %

  • @Cau5tic yeah it started slightly before around the time the attacks started on nation and other pools ill send through the burst now was waiting for my wallet to sync

  • @Lexicon Thank you sir- I got it! Also seeing my pending payments go up instead of resetting every block so it looks like you have things back to working properly- thanks again for the hard work to straighten it all out.
    Last question I promise- That first block I found, 361788 I didn't get any burst. Is that possibly from a different pool? I may have switched just starting out trying to figure this all out 🙂


  • @Cau5tic was from my pool. the 1800 burst should cover the 2 blocks as pools generally pay about half the block reward. the rest of the burst your missing from pending should come through during these rains and added in 🙂

  • @Lexicon Thank you sir! Hope you can relax a bit now...

  • @Cau5tic i hope so to. i was ill on the way home yesterday and had a panic attack late last night still couldnt sleep.

    im still raining coins on the pool. this is going to go on for a while lol ill be able to rest when this is done.

  • @Lexicon I have mined on your pool 2 days ago and I won a block #363422 but I didn't get any rewards, why ?

    My address is: BURST-MV67-UXZF-DSKX-2G6W4

    I've try to write u on your pool chat but with no answer !!!

    Can you check and fix it ?

  • @brizio71 yeah sure mate. ill take a look as soon as i get home. thanks for letting me know.

    im not on the pool chat much but if you have any issues you can get a hold of me on discord

  • @Lexicon Hi I still didn't get any rewards, I have try to write u on discord .

  • @Lexicon I won a block (374247) when there is 156burst pending.
    I was expecting somthing like ((1748-4)*0.99/2)+156 burst.
    But only received 523.75.
    my adres is @avkurt@ BURST-QZXW-3HWC-TXFV-EX73G
    Could you please check and fix it?