My challenge presented by adam guerbuez, accepted it and now confirming it...

  • I have accept a challenge from adam guerbuez, here is the chat log from the burstnation discord :

    I confirm I said everything I did, I also confirm that I will bring new ideas and projects to burst, I also promise to stop insulting adam under said context also.

    Edit: this is not the full convo, but adam agreed to promote this on burstnation from what I saw and youtube... I promised to promote it here on my twitter and he agreed what he did, ill update this thread in 3 months... or less πŸ˜‰

    Hect0r Xorius.

  • To keep adam happy this is the main context, other than the insults myself and him threw at each other....

  • This is the fullest log I have of the entire conversation :

    its uploaded onto my own web server, I promise I have not modified a single entry in this text file, my word should speak for its self.

  • Hmmmmmm I'll be watching this space.

  • that is so confusing.... maybe you can translate it

  • trying to not be interested but i cannot help it .

  • i read it and honestly have no idea what the heck is even the challenge, was someone drinking?

  • @Hect0r said in My challenge presented by adam guerbuez, accepted it and now confirming it...:

    I also confirm that I will bring new ideas and projects to burst, I also promise to stop insulting adam under said context also.

    @falconCoin After reading the logs, it seems the challenge as presented by Adam is for @Hect0r to create some new ideas and projects for Burst that will reach "Adam's level", while not bashing each other.

  • @falconCoin Genuinely havent touched a drop sir.

    @Propagandalf that was the agreement however I didnt agree to stop tell about scams I see and others do to, I agreed to stop insulting him which I am doing now.

    However if adam brakes the deal and doesent do as he said then in 3 months time I can do whatever I like as per, its a good agreement tbh.

    I have a project in mind with someone else, who Im not going to name yet as it hasent been written but that person will probably come here when its done. They're very well spoken for on this forum.

  • So just a hint at all reversers out there, who are looking for some fun, I just present this screen shot :

    This is a actual IO I wrote for php, ​​it has endian compactable ness, so there will be no sql in my projects, I have developed my own protocol to handle the database, which I have tested, it is alot faster than using sql... When I launch I want it known, im spending alot of time hack proofing it, I may miss some stuff, however you have to be good to find it πŸ˜‰

  • @Hect0r hahah it was a joke....

  • @falconCoin What was a joke ? I dont follow sir !

    The drinking part, ohh I know if that was it, just pointing out I was sober throughout the night, I would have been alot more brutal being drunk hehe.

  • @Hect0r What's the point of all that?

  • @rnahlawi The point of previous message ? or what im doing ? its showing updates, its showing that I am being carefull and trying to stop multiple attack vectors, what else have I missed ?

  • @Hect0r You missed the part on telling everyone what are you trying to say?
    If you have business with Adam, why your posting it everywhere? You have creative ideas or newer projects, simply post them without references and in more clear language..
    Don't bother to reply, i'm ignoring this thread

  • @rnahlawi I would agree, I dont have "Business with adam" I just accepted a challenge from him, he asked ot make it public so I agreed. if you dislike then ok, kudos !

  • @Hect0r I apologize for my anger

  • @rnahlawi respects to you, lets make burst coin great for everyone sir !

  • ​A final response from me for today, I will likely have it done before then, but I would like a large amount of time to test it, the code base is so large that I might make mistakes, im not a god like coder, no one is, but I hope you understand why I have asked for such a length of time.

    I also want to say kudos adam, you kept to your agreement too, im glad i am back on here under context that im not supporting anyone anymore other than myself, im backing up what I can achieve and in time my words will be understud when I say this, I really dont hate anyone now, I just hate what is happening to burst coin, I may disagree with some people on this, not calling out anyone but I do genuinely respect what both sides have done, now its time to make burstcoin what it should be, A innovative, useful and productive coin that everyone wins at.

    Ive spoken with alot of nation members, I also spoke on the team forums too, this community needs to get past the hate, while yes I still have some in me, Ill not show it anymore as it isnt good for burstcoin at all. Alot of people follow what is said and in the moment we can get a little heated and do stupid things, I dont regret anything from what I have done and I love a challenge, its what makes my life complete, hope this helps all people thats the idea !

    Posted on both forums, I wont be taking anyones side other than my own from now on

  • @Hect0r i think im probably to far gone to get past the hate at this stage specifically after what happened. as much as id like to let it all go its still not going to change how its effected me, the devs, my investors and the miners on this coin.

    i was in your shoes at one stage where i would post on both forums. then i was basically threatened where they said if your against us ill make sure i destroy you. no one should ever be censored like this and be forced to do something that they dont want to. this was when the Hiatch and burstnation war went on. so when it happened again with crowetic where they tried to force me to take sides was the moment i decided to leave burst nation

    i just wish you more luck than ive had thats for sure

    i just seem to keep getting more blows.