Hello everyone

  • Hi, I have been deciding if I should build a mining rig for Burst as all the GPU for mining in my country are sold out.

    I wanted to ask if there is a certain type of HDD I should stay away from as I'm looking to order a few 5TB Seagate Expansion External drives from Amazon as it would turn out cheaper than buying local (29$/TB vs 35$+/TB).

    I'm asking because I could also start buying up some secondhand drives for much cheaper when they are available but, I would like to know what I should look out for and avoid.

    New here so thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Hello Welcome To The Forum.
    Seagate are ok but can be slower to plot. If you are going to buy many I recommend a desktop PC setup so as to add a usb3 multi port card that allows usb3 jacks independent of each other. They can be expensive but not needed until your miner exceeds the disk read time of up to 60 seconds; some people recommend 40 seconds. Best chances of noticeable profit would be a minimum of 1tb of disk. The storage space of 8 TB is said to be most efficient for plot sizes. There is no minimum capacity. All have a chance of getting block rewards. I read over 90tb of disk is best when mining in solo mode smaller capacity are best on the pools. Hope this helps!

  • As mentioned, the seagates will plot slower. But in the scheme of things you are probably looking at an extra few hours to plot, and after that you are good to go. I am a big fan of the price of the seagates, and (for me personally) the expansion drives have been very reliable.

  • @StaticRip Hello^^
    As they mentioned before seagates take ages to plot. I've got that 5tb external and had no problems thus far. It depends on how many of drives you want to buy as plotting can get rly annoying once you have more of them to plot^^
    I would say that if you can find good used ones offers then you should take it.

  • Thanks for the replies, I have around 1200$ so 8x Seagate 5TB Externals would be what I'm getting + any secondhand drives I can get for cheap later. ( What makes a used drive good or bad are there brands I should stay away from?)

    Atm I would connect as many as I can to my main PC until I can get a another one for plotting or to connect drives.

    My current PC:
    Mobo: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 (4x USB 3 I think)
    CPU: i7 3700
    GPU: MSI RX480 8GB Reference
    RAM: 24GB
    PSU: 900w Antec

    Is there a thread I can check with some info on how fast certain hardware can plot as I do have an x370 board laying around and could get a Ryzen CPU if it could shave a bit of time of the plotting.

    I won't be buying anything for a few days as I still want to read up on a few things because I see there is quite a lot I don't know e.g How many HDD I can connect before I hit a bottleneck & @ZapbuzZ could you please link one of those usb3 multi port cards for future reference & is there I thread I can read up on miners and disk read time.

    I would really like to get started as soon as possible but, I would really like to know more about what I'm doing.

    Thank you for reading.

  • in the categorizes there is mining and plotting threads that people often speak about how long it takes to plot, which software to use etc. heres a link for a pc usb3 hub http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ORICO-7-Ports-USB-3-0-PCI-Express-Expansion-Card-Adapter-15Pin-SATA-Power-Supply-/262752290152?hash=item3d2d41c568:g:Rv4AAOSwdGFY0YCF

    you could buy that model there are many. The 4 port models usually link 2 ports together; making 2 hubs 4 ports. Many motherboards do too. You will know when you reach a bottleneck when your miner read time gets beyond say 40 seconds. If it goes over 60 seconds per round you will loose submissions.
    The PC you've mentioned the one with an i7 processor should make plots nice and fast with xplotter; any pc capable to read your plot capacity is good to go for mining.