plotting on 2 diff pc's

  • i normaly plot on my desktop pc but i wanted to speed things up a bit by also plotting on my laptop (I AM NOT GOING TO MINE ON MY LAPTOP just to be clear).
    now my question is this : once a hd is done plotting on my laptop and i plug it in on my desktop will it work on it ?

    i downloaded the mining/plotting/wallet 1.2.8 version and logged in with my current wallet id and not a new one,now all i need to do is wait till the sync of the blockchain is done and i'm ready i guess.

    did i forget anything or are there incompatable things i didnt know about ??

  • Yes you can. So long as you used the same burst account to create the plot. I do it all the time.

  • yes its the same wallet on both pc' it seems i had a good idea......wooohooo.

  • admin

    @nightwolf You'll need to use advanced mode and select your starting nonces. By default the starting nonce on both PC's for the same drive will be the same, leading to overlaps. You need to manually configure the starting nonce so they don't overlap.

  • ok......and how does one do that ?