gpuPlotGenerator problems .. please take a look at my setup

  • This is my second attempt at using gpuPlotGenerator. The first time I got frustrated and just used the cpu xplotter in the AIO wallet. I ended up with overlapping plots so I'm replotting 1TB on my C drive.

    My Specs: Laptop w Intel Core i7 12gb ram - 2tb hdd with Nvidia 940mx gpu.

    I am able to start it and it does create a plot file but then stops with an 'invalid command queue' error. Here is a screen shot of my bat file and the cmd window when it stops. I feel like I'm soooo close! Please help! Thank you! !

  • i encountered those errors when my memory settings where too high... look at your divices.txt and try lowering the 3rd and 5th number
    from 0 0 2048 8 2048
    to 0 0 1024 8 1024

  • Hi
    Can you show us your devices.txt ?
    Did you try to make a smaller plot file ? Try few GB to begin with.

  • @cannabisdreams It's probably faster/easier to use XPlotter with the i7 using than to use the mobile GPU. GPU Plot Generator is tricky to get working with nvidia chips and even trickier if you're also using your GPU to run the display at the same time.

  • Can i set my computer to use the intel gpu rather than the 940mx for display etc? I did lower the device settings, had to go all the way down to 500 to get it to work but then was only getting 5k nounces p/min which sucks. I find it really hard to believe that my cpu is faster than my gpu... I may have found the problem... I trusted Nvidia's "open cl is included with updated drivers". It may be included but its not what I need. Downloaded Cuda and now it says I don't have Visual Studio installed. I have it installed, so apparently its not the right version.... Downloading the lastest and 'full' version of VS now. If all else fails I'll use the AIO wallet plotter but its slow as shit at about 5k nounces per min

  • @cannabisdreams Yes, there should be a setting in the BIOS for it I would hope, otherwise you can try nvidia control panel > manage 3D settings and set the preferred graphics processor for things. The i7 is still probably your best bet though. I tried plotting with a GTX 950 once and only got 5 - 6,000 nonces/minute with that.

  • Oh yes, your last post just reminded me - if you're using the GPU Plot Generator with the nvidia chip and it's complaining about open cl, you might need this:

    Part of the problem is that nvidia has poor support for open CL, whereas AMD cards support the latest and greatest open CL libraries. I find that if you use an nvidia card, you need a pretty darn beefy one to get good nonces/minute.

  • I ended fixing a dead computer I recd as payment when I built a new one for a friend. I had no idea it had an i7 and a mediocre graphics card... I spent hours on it but once it was working I set it all up with burst and was getting 10k nounces. Now I can really see the difference between an i7 laptop and an i7 desktop, its about double for hash speed. That file is an amd file so I dont think it would work with mine. I found the problem I was having.... the Cuda toolkit does not work with the newest drivers so I had to remove and reinstall an older one.
    Thanks for your help!