N00b:Multiple Names on my Client Really lost Please help

  • Hi Guys

    I Just started yesterday, and went through the instructional video. I set up my account . Now I am not sure what is going on, I logon with my passphrase and I get one of three accounts associated with my client and my local wallet.(Each time using my passphrase seems to be random what account is displayed in the client)
    1)LostBoy_Clusters: One I created and spent one burst coin to create and depicts so in my log.

    2)No Name account: Endless download of blockchain. Going on 9 hours now.

    1. Peanuts Burst: Not sure where this came from it is NOT mine, I did not create this name and the log is depicting transactions back from before I was even a member some 4 days ago. Hope I didn't get into someone else's wallet/ Account.

    Please advise.
    Also I did plot 1320 Gigs in the Burst team US Pool and that is giving me a file mismatch error. So I stopped, I am assuming I needed to wait for the blockchain to finish before I started mining. I was a bit to eager>:) Anyways any help would be appreciated.

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  • admin

    You got more than one problem here.

    To solve 2) Update your Win Client to the newest version. Blockchain Download will be 4 to 8 times faster.

    1. is a effect because your Blockchain is not downloaded fully yet. You are still in the past with your Blockchain. Your "Account name doesn't is not written yet."

    for the file mismatch error I advise you to use Blago's Plot Checker -> You find it in Burst Software.

  • Dawallet
    Thanks for your input, it seems there was a TestWallet in with the zip file (2.40 I should of scrolled down and downloaded the latest version of the client (Done)) also Updated my miners to the versions you posted last night) I deleted the other two wallets and downloaded the DB.zip (burst.h2.db) and manually installed that (That fixed the endless download)
    Just out of curiousity is this a DB of all of burst transactions? (Won't this file become to large for the average user to deal with in the future?)
    Is this not the same mistake bitcoins made?
    I also am now running my miners as a service.
    Putting together 9 more boxes this week each with as many HD I can cram in there. I ran a BBS in San Diego in the 80's and currently working on my BS information systems security/Well Stopped with 6 credits left, cause I really don't want to work for the system.
    Anyways Thank You for pointing me in the right direction.

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  • admin

    in the DB (the blockchain) is every transaction documented. With the new release yesterday the Blockchain sync will take 3 to 5 hours on an average machine. It got about 3 GB big since August 2014 - which is reasonable.

    The advantage of Burst over other currencies is that it it is possible to develop "light wallets" which will sync by downloading only the latest megabytes/kilobytes of the Blockchain.

  • DaWallet

    Ahh Cool, Th
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    On a different issue, I have rebuild my plot twice now, I am trying to learn on portable drives (While I move a bunch of data off of other drives and burning to DVD's)I am using HDNoSleep program for the USB drives, Should I stop and try to resolve these errors or just ignore and keep mining?
    These are the messages I am getting at each refresh, but seems to be mining and I see my Drives on the Pool Resource History:
    ** file "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" name/size mismatch
    File "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" error opening
    file "9830804006686218075_800000001_7496320_28288" name/size mismatch**
    16:07:48 Thread "H:\Burst\plots" @ 1.8 sec (1.9 MB/s) CPU 3.56%
    16:07:49 [ 8276925159797474477] found DL: 2547156`````
    16:07:49 [ 8276925159797474477] sent DL: 2547156 29d 11:3
    16:07:52 Thread "F:\Burst\plots" @ 6.3 sec (5.9 MB/s) CPU 9.37%
    16:07:49 [ 8276925159797474477] NOT confirmed DL 2547156
    16:17:32 New block 248989, baseTarget 1624754, netDiff 11278 Tb

    file "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" name/size mismatc
    File "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" error opening
    file "9830804006686218075_800000001_7496320_28288" name/size mismatc
    16:17:33 Thread "H:\Burst\plots" @ 1.1 sec (3.3 MB/s) CPU 5.23%
    16:17:40 Thread "F:\Burst\plots" @ 8.3 sec (4.4 MB/s) CPU 8.22%

    16:30:25 New block 248990, baseTarget 1736570, netDiff 10552 Tb
    file "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" name/size mismatc
    File "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" error opening
    file "9830804006686218075_800000001_7496320_28288" name/size mismatc
    16:30:27 Thread "H:\Burst\plots" @ 2.4 sec (1.5 MB/s) CPU 2.55%
    16:30:34 Thread "F:\Burst\plots" @ 9.3 sec (4.0 MB/s) CPU 8.12%

    Again Thank You so much for your support!

    Kind Regards,


  • admin

    @LostBoy You've got some problems here - you've created plots under two different accounts. Looking at the errors:

    file "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" name/size mismatch
    File "8276925159797474477_800056577_7557568_28736" error opening

    If this file is still being plotted, it would explain the mismatch/size error.

    file "9830804006686218075_800000001_7496320_28288" name/size mismatch

    However, this indicates you're using two different accounts. In the file name, "9830804006686218075" is your numeric account number, and it's different from the other files. I would stop plotting - and verify what your actual account is. Use the Online wallet, and when you copy the passphrase make sure there is no leading/trailing whitespace. If you have a space or a new line or a tab - it's a different phrase and different account.

    If you can determine which account is the correct one, delete the other plots. If you can't determine which is correct, delete your plots and start over.

  • Thank You
    Yea I am starting over I stopped last night at midnight, and I am now replotting. I should of did this yesterday afternoon. I started this whole process with a wallet already in the zip file TestWallet.txt. Then I entered my passphrase and created this account, and at random times 1 of the 3 accounts would come up as in the above post. I am still a little concerned I gained access to a wallet PNuts Burst by entering my passphrase, non the less no one else seemed to care so why should I. Anyways thanks for your time, Today is a new day:)

  • @LostBoy said:

    Peanuts Burst: Not sure where this came from it is NOT mine

    This is the account associated with the test wallet that comes with the download package! I was in the wallet earlier today and changed the name to "Kilroy was here", lol.

  • Yea kinda figured something like that, was not worries just I am having a lot of problems with my wallets, Trying to get them squared away I have some Diskage on the way:)