My Arduino based Burst Ticker

  • I have been working on a BURSTCOIN Ticker using an arduino (Arduino Mega) and a 20x4 LCD.
    It gets its info from POLONIEX using their api.
    It pushes its data via Serial using a python script at the moment.
    It currently shows:
    highest bid
    lowest ask
    24hr high
    24hr low
    24h % change.
    At the bottom I usualy have it display date/time and BTC price in CAD. I initially had this posted on the burst nation forums thus the reason it shows [email protected]
    alt text

    I had to grind down the bottom of the PCB so it would fit in a crude case.
    alt text

    I have since ordered a few WeMos D1 mini pros, .66" LCDs, and a few 16x2 LCD. And with those I can make it get the info using Wi-fi. If i can source/Make a proper enclosure i might start selling some if people are interested. I'm also working on a more advanced one with a TFT screen.

  • @Draknoid that is very cool

  • nice i made something similar a while bck with a raspberry Pi and monitor... im about to make a new one with better graphing for my touch screen

  • @Draknoid sick!