Having major issues trying to plot drives

  • So I have been using GPU plot generator and made a few mistakes at first.

    The first time, I used buffer mode, and too little nonces and left way more than 10% space. So I started over.

    The second time I tried direct instead of buffer, from my understanding, this would be optimized and best.. my nonces were too high, had to start over.

    Now every time I try, by the end, GPU plot generator stops writing to disk, I am using a secondary GPU, RX 470.. It managed to get so close to the end of plotting my first 5TB Seagate drive and just stopped after 20 some hours, I was running on conservative settings as well.. When I say it stops writing, I mean there is 0% activity on the disk, and led light indicator stops flashing, but GPU plotter window stays open.

    The percentage of plotting and nonces per minute stats on the software rarely or never changes, but from what I read - this is how it is when doing direct. I attempted one last try at buffer mode, and it actually seemed to crash in the same fashion after just a few gigs. Now I have slow formatted the drive, but seek info before trying again.

    Did I do something wrong, or did I need to wait it out, does it just become active again after hours of wait? I am starting to think I should have CPU plotted, at least one drive would be ready by now.

    Any tips, help would be appreciated, I did my best going through existing threads but was not able to find solutions.

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  • Much appreciated, I will do that. I have been using nonce calc 3.0 and other than making the mistake once, I have actually been leaving 10% of the drive empty.

    I am currently moving as I type this, so I need to finish packing and prepping for tomorrow morning. I will give it another whirl on buffer mode but even than it failed last night...

    As far as how much data I have, I have 5 x 5TBs at the moment, but the plan was to keep expanding, so optimized plots would be ideal, but I rather get them plotted and try using a plot optimizer if it will at least get the job done.. feeling discouraged this first week !!

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