Anyone can give me tread about how to open asset exchange?

  • Anyone can give me an info on how to establish an asset exchange or crowdfund? Currently I just started mining burst at 16TB soon i will increase my rig once i raise more funds. I am doing a burst community design for Filipino Burst Miner and Investors who love to BURST.

  • If you have the wallet, you have the asset exchange. On the left hand choices, one is "Asset Exchange". Click on that and your main screen will show it. It will be blank the first time because you have not added assets to it yet. Look around on the boards and you will notice assets advertised and they will publicize an asset ID. (long number string.) On your asset screen there is an "add asset" button in the upper right. If you click on that, it will ask you for the asset ID you would like to add. Copy and paste in the long number of the asset you would like to add to your portfolio.
    Once you add an asset, when you click on it, buy and sell markets will appear on your screen for that asset and you can enter a buy or sell order as you wish.
    I was confused at first too. I didn't realize that was my "personal asset Rolodex"... I thought it would just list them all. But it's more like a "watch list". You get to populate it with only the assets you're interested in.
    Hope that helps and gets you started.

  • Okay thanks. How about creating an asset on my own how can i get an ID is say you need to post in the forum and i don't understand.

  • @pesoexchange u need to create a asset in the aio wallet but atm is a really bad time to launch an asset it also cost a lot of ur free time if u wana do it seriously. so think twice about that 😉

  • thanks harrygon ..

    im a full time trader both forex and crypto at same time i have a mining rig currently waiting additional orders to make it 32TB..on run is 16TB.