Hard Drive Read Times - How long is too long?

  • So, today I just added another couple 8TB drives to my miner. All are directly connected to USB 3 ports, no hubs. One drive finishes reading at about 65 secs. Does this even matter? What kind of time should I be shooting for to read drives and get in on the current block?

  • @ryanw average block time is aprox 4 min .... so long as you are under that you most times you will submit all your deadlines however i would try and keep it under 60 sec and aim for under 30 sec as on vary fast blocks you could be loosing out on burst. , first question what prog did you use to plot the drives , second are the drives them self USB3.0 even if they are connected via USB3.0 port , last what prog are you useing to mine with ? ...... if you did not use Xplotter or have not ran Plot optimiser on them i recommend you do as that WILL cut down on read times. also if using a CPU miner prog you might have just hit its limitations and need to look into GPU miner for faster read times.

  • @Gibsalot Thanks for your response. I have had problems getting this drive to perform well at all. It was the same speed on usb 2.0 ports on a different computer. I would hope my cpu hasn't reached its limit already it's an i5-3550. I have 4 drives connected other than the OS drive. One 1.5TB drive via SATA , and three as shown below via USB 3.0. All drives for the motherboard have been updated even the USB drivers. I have switched ports around and it's just this particular drive. I used the AIO wallet software, so xplotter was used, and am using the included cpu miner. The total throughput on each round is about 100MB/S for all drives.

    The slowest one is this one:

    The other two have 35 sec read times, and are these:

  • USB sucks for read times. My USB 3.0 5TB drives read in twice the time my 8TB SATA 3.0 read

  • My USB 3 externals will read at 70-90MB/s which is normally 8-11 seconds per 4TB external. The miner is set to read one plot at a time, so it doesn't thrash or get bogged down anywhere.

  • @socal I'm still getting the hang of everything, and practicing with cheaper USB drives. I have two 16 bay supermicro cases set aside for the future.

  • sounds like you are having an issue with long read times on just that 1 external drive, if its same read times on both USB3.0 and USB2.0 leads me to think the drive it's self is not a USB3.0 external drive .....

  • specs on that slow drive claim a data speed of 160MB/s it may say USB3.0 on the package but that is more like USB2.0 data speeds USB3.0 caps at 640MB/s

  • @Gibsalot That's what I get for going to cheap route eh? In the future, I will hopefully have better drives that are connected via SATA. I will use them for burst, with the option to switch to Storj, Sia, or Safe Network in the future if I feel the need.

  • @ryanw you should be able to crack that case open pull the drive and stick it in the Comp hooked up Sata

  • Some portable drives use proprietary headers inside of the case instead of standard SATA connections, so you can't always do that anymore

  • @Gibsalot Yeah, I've been able to do that sometimes. However, I have also seen drives from these that were unusable outiside of the cases without re configuring them with a utility. If you have ever gotten a drive out of a dvr that didn't work without the dvr, this is the case with that as well. I have also pulled a 2.5" drive out of an external case that had a micro USB connection only.

  • @ryanw the slow drive, what is its capacity?
    It has multiple plots or just one?
    You may be able to tweak it a bit... you can choose how the drives read, what i mean is you can read the 2 faster drives one after the other and all the other plots in parallel and may improve the reading times a bit...

    Also do you have some GPU on that PC? You can try to run jminer and it will certainly help your reading times...

  • @gpedro It's an 8TB drive, one plot file, and no gpu...SFF case. I will probably mess around with things and see if I have any decent low profile video cards here. Thanks!

  • @ryanw Well if you had multiple plots you may be able to optimize it and that is most likely the reason its taking so long to read... I think that when the miner is reading it uses one CPU thread per each plot file so you have just one thread reading the entire 8Tb slow drive when you could have more CPU threads... If you replot that drive with at least 3 or 4 plots it should help you a bit tweaking the time to read it...

    Although if you have a GPU it will actually read a lot faster, and doesn't need to be a really good one... The GPU in my laptop (AMD Radeon HD 8330) wich has some good years on its back, can read my plots in half the time I can read it with my CPU (AMD A4-5000 APU)

  • @gpedro Thank you for that, i'm going to keep all of this info in mind as I expand my space.

    Also, I found out the problem with the one drive having slow read times. The motherboard's USB 3.0 expansion port was acting unreliably before now. Well, it became reliably slow after I had switched all the drives around several times to test everything. I don't know if it's a driver issue or what, but I just moved everything to other USB 3.0 ports.

  • @ryanw Your USB controller of that port can be shared with another port, meaning that when both are being used they share the bandwidth, lowering the max bandwidth per port 😉