Jack Miller Crash - MotoGP Le Mans 2017

  • And comes out unscathed, then one is quietly at home painting the ceiling on a stool, falls and kills

  • @Energy OR that http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/129589
    God works in mysteries ways!

  • @rnahlawi I personally know, or rather knew, more people killed by a bicycle accident than a motorcycle.

    Many years ago in the neighborhood happened a case of a boy who from fourteen years was driving scooters, when he turned eighteen gave him a bicycle went out for a ride and never return

  • @Energy So sad 😞
    Hyden is a pro MotoGP rider and champion, survived the worst of MotoGP. To end up on a bicycle is just not fair 😞

  • @rnahlawi If I remember correctly the last American driver to win the motoGP championship.
    This case is almost comparable to that of Michael Schumacher, no problem getting in cars at more than 300 km / h, and a ski accident ends with everything.
    It is clear that michael is not dead but to the lack of news I do not know if it indicates that it would be better to be it.
    Let no one misunderstand me, I before being a vegetable and a burden for my family I would rather die

  • This is a car and in this is a miracle that nothing happens to those who passed by there

  • Story Time!!!

    About five years ago I was getting off of work and my team was getting back to the warehouse. At the time we had a lot of work so we had to hire a temp employee. This guy, let's call him Curby, was reckless and was prone to cause little accidents throughout his time working on my project. I wasn't too concerned with him because the project he was hired for, was about to be completed.

    So as everyone got done clocking out and talking with me about the project updates. My driver, Let's call him Mark, went outside to get his motorcycle started and to get his helmet and jacket on. Curby saw this and followed him outside. Curby asked if he could get on the bike and Mark said sure but not to take off with it as he didn't have the safety gear and years of experience riding a motorcycle.

    Mark went back inside to grab his gloves. When he came out, he saw that his bike was gone. Mark then heard his bike roaring down the street and then saw Curby on his bike going very fast.

    The street was a Cul-de-sac and parts of the street had rocky asphalt. Because Curby was going too fast to slow down, he couldn't stop or move around the car. He dropped the bike and began to slide on the street. He slid across the ground until he hit the curb.

    He bounced up off the curb, into the air, and forward until hitting a very big tree. The bike followed him but luckily the bike landed on the side of the tree. Cops said if the bike hit him, he would have died. He was rushed to the hospital and was in there for a long time.

    He survived but he couldn't walk. The Doctor said that because he was young (24yrs old) he had a chance of gaining back a little bit of his walking. But said as he ages, he'll most likely need a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

    Someone saw him a year later and he was still in the wheelchair and in severe pain.

    Oh, and later we found out that Curby was in a motorcycle accident a week before. He experienced an accident similar to this one. The only thing difference was that the motorcycle was going at a slow pace. He was able to walk away from that one.