• is your pool down @Lexicon :?

    edit: it wasn't working for like 4 minutes and my network quality was at 0%

    it fixed itself the pool is working now 😛

  • actually i saw it go down lol ive changed some code to make it hopefully more responsive on the ui. and also added an error handle where the crash happened.

    im keeping a very close eye on it atm.

    gonna try and get an auto restarter done for it so it auto ups itself as an emergency measure

  • the responsiveness on the ui had definitely improved from that last update. however theres still a little lag. ill look at why this is soon its probably to due with the amount of users browsing the ui as it has to push data out to those from the pool.

    ive got the auto restarter done. ill apply this update next time i get a window to take the pool down for approx 10 seconds