Request little Guide about Plot Optimizer.

  • Hello Everyone!

    Well.. this days i decide to start a bit more seriusly in this .. I get a new HDD and well.. I will like to learn about How to optimize plots.

    I see here in the forum a little guide, but i have some questions..

    Optimize the plots require more HDD size?


    This is how looks like right now my HDDS .. And well, i will like to learn how to optimize.. Can someone teach me a bit?

    And well, with that 2HDDS i need more size to optimize the plots? Or this are fine..

    Thanks you all, happy minning 4 Everyone! 🙂

  • admin

    The GPU-Plotter has a 'direct' mode, that can create optimized plots without extra disk space required, but for existing plots, you will need the double space, to optimize with current software. First step: optimized plotfile will be created, 2nd step old plotfile will be deleted.