Pretty sad when you have adults acting like children.

  • Re: @Crowetic : This one is for you

    I find this funny as a new member to both of the sites. As an ADULT you would think these conversations would be left off of any forums. (Hard fork/soft forks) are things that should be brought to light if there is some serious thought into it and allowing the investors to choose. It seems that any time some children have a spat in one of these coins, they have to run, cry, then say lets split. How about "grow up?" Great, you want to take your toys and run from the sandbox, we get it, but grow a pair.

    Two, from an investors stand point, do you think "we" as the new users coming to these forums want to see this childish behavior? Fortunately I'm not 25 (acting 12) and loving to come feud on a forum. I have money for investment and I thought BURST as a whole was a good place to start. I thought hey, here are a bunch of savvy individuals starting a great community. Instead it's bitching, moaning, and groaning. You would think that at some point some of this would be moderated. But it seems the moderators are the ones involved. All of you all pushing this agenda between people, making it public, etc.. should be ashamed of your self. You wonder why the coin is dropping in price? You wonder why you're not seeing the growth? Look in the mirror...

    With that said I am thankful for the people that have helped me in the journey here but maybe it's not best suited here. Probably a sign from above that my drives didn't plot correctly in all of the attempts. (Smirk)... but maybe if people spent less time feuding and more time on developing and helping the devs with their projects, this burst coin would start to flourish.

    Investors .2 cents

  • @ProSportsPhotog How would you act if someone stole from you tens of thousands of dollars? 🙂 Would you grow a pair and sit quietly looking at other ppl loosing their money? 🙂 Compared to shit that's been thrown, there is srsly not much about it on this forum.
    Also no one wonders why burst is dropping in price as it isn't. We even have opposite problem of it growing in price too fast:)
    You have problem plotting with gpu but refuse to use cpu to get optimized plots. No one will force you to earn money, so yeah it's definitely sign from above 🙂
    another Investors .2 Burst 🙂

  • Its called the cost of doing business. Even so, you should be an adult and keep it off the forums. And "like I said..."

  • @ProSportsPhotog If you keep everything out of the forums then:

    • Investors don't know why their dividends decreased and what's going on with assets they are invested in
    • Investors don't know what happened with their money they gave for developers
    • More ppl get scammed by ponzi scheme assets
    • Your reputation is based on false accusations from haters that will pop up in google search
    • Every one thinks that AG & Co is face of burst

    Sometimes you need to talk about it and it's not child play as you see it.