I am looking to sell 9kw credits to Burst

  • Hi there...
    I am looking to sell 10'000 9kw credits for 150 Burst...

    For the ones that don't know 9kw is a website where you submit captchas to be solved, then some human will solve the captchas for you (no bots solving captchas)... The success rate is pretty high and the response is usually fast...

    Well, let me know if someone is interested!

  • @gpedro I'm interested. But have you done any calculations to justify your rate of 150 burst for 10k credits? You can PM me if you'd like.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @k.coins 40'000 credits are 5 USD
    5 USD = 520 Burst (aprox.)
    520/4 = 130 Burst

    I am happy to accept 130 Burst for it... 😉
    Looks like my mental calc was not that off hehe

  • @gpedro alright, cool. That works. Can we transfer credits through 9kw or do you just give me the account credentials? - PM me with your address and stuff. I'll send the Burst once I figure out how this will work

    Edit: I think I've found where to transfer credits on their site. Shall we swap Burst addresses and 9kw UserIDs?

  • @k.coins You will do the payment, then I will send you a coupon that you can redeem in https://www.9kw.eu/userconfig.html#userconfig_transfer_coupon-tab with your account logged in 😉

    My account for this payment is: BURST-2FBJ-SV63-QPQG-A6F6G

    If you want we can use a escrow...

  • @gpedro If you're in a hurry, I can just send it over to you but I would also be interested in learning how the escrow works. I've never used it before.

  • @k.coins I was actually talking about someone escrow it for us... never tried the escrow feature of the wallet...

  • @gpedro oh word. No worries then, I'll just send it over. Give me a few hours tho - I'm away from my system atm. Can you reserve it for me?

  • @k.coins I was actually trying to test the escrow feature and I am getting an error saying "Could not confirm signature on server-side"... I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is some problem with the escrow...

    btw @daWallet pointed me to this video about the escrow and since I had never seen this video, I guess it should be pretty undergrounded here in the forum, i figured I should post the link:

    @k-coins I can try to test the escrow with you without a problem... We will actually learn something from this exchange hehehe

  • @gpedro I'm back now. Still wanna try to figure this escrow out? I'm down

  • @k.coins daWallet said to me that my error should be because I was trying to do it with the online wallet and that I should try with a local wallet... I'm downloading the blockchain but it will take some time... I guess you have to have a working local wallet too, so set it up and tomorrow we test the escrow with the local wallet... I'm in no hurry but if the Burst price change much, our arranged deal will need a new rate...

  • @gpedro yeah... I haven't updated the chain in a while either lol - I'll start now. As for the rate, we'll work it out I'm sure.

  • @k.coins Yeah regarding to the rate I will sell you at the same price they sell you for, at the moment of launch of a sucessful escrow... 😉

  • @gpedro Woke up to a 30% complete db download. Not sure how far you are on it but I'll let you know when mines finished.

  • If you are in Need of downloading/syncing/Setting up the local wallet it takes Aaages to download/sync, talking about a couple of days for me.

    You are far better of to download the complete DB from here:


    Its a zip file about 6GB or so, DL should be done within 2-3 hours depending of your download Speed.

    Unzip/copy the file/db into your local Folder which is located at:


    This way you get 99% of the actual DB for local wallet right on the fly and only Need to update the last lets say 1% of the current database which only takes a couple of minutes.

  • thanks @Marc . I knew I should have done it this way but decided to just let it ride in hopes that things had gotten better since the last time I tried - it hasn't lol

    I'm at 65% today. Might stop it even after the progress because the zip would probably still be quicker

  • Ive walked this way and watched the Progress going up to 90, 95, 98,99% taking daayys.

    Never reached 100%, lol.

    I think it might be a Problem of the protocoll and the DB adding more entries than able to update locally so will never reach 100%, but what do I know, anyway thats what Ive experienced.

    DL the zip and youre be fine within half a day.

    Never made it run on Win10 though for yet unknown reasons, Win7 is fine, Linux I dunno.

  • @gpedro I'm probably just going to send you the burst today - I'm sick of trying to get this local wallet to work. Maybe we can try out the in wallet escrow service once I actually get things synced. It's just taking me too much time right now. It's like java never wants to initialize unless I clean the DB and it was over 90% before my computer decided to restart. Anyway, is that address you sent earlier still good for this?

  • @k.coins Sure I am having some issues with my wallet too... I need to check it later and then we test it with a couple of Bursts just to see how things work 😉

    Let me know when you do the transfer and once confirmed I will send you the code for you to redeem through PM 😉