GPU small memory or CPU big memory?

  • Windows 10
    i5-5400 processor
    8G memory today, 24G memory tomorrow (just because I wanted to)
    video card amd r9 380x (4G, jminer says 3.369) This card does not run the monitors. Cannot undervolt
    currently mining with jminer, a bit over 3TB (divided between 2 drives)

    -- Question ---
    How do I determine efficiency? Should I plot and run for cpu or gpu? I'm adding a 6TB drive today, possibly more in the future.

  • run CPU miner, check the time.
    run GPU miner, check the time.
    compare it.

    i think r9 380x will faster I5 (2048 shader processors vs 2 cores)

  • @TurtleWinsRace @TurtleWinsRace I would add that plotting using GPU should be more fast than using CPU. I also suggest to plot with GPU Plotter in direct mode to directly create optmized plots...