Error 1007 Dead line really bad

  • Hi I was trying to mine and I noticed that I keep getting this error almost every time.

    Dose anyone know why this is happening? I tried mining on

  • @Nobility one of your plot files is corrupted, determine which one it is and re-plot.

  • @iKnow0 Same problem here...
    To find the bad file would you start looking on the thread immediately before the 1007 error?
    I have 12TB on 6 drives. Errors hit sometimes on all of them even my SSD. I have deleted and recreated files till im blue in the face. Any suggestions? And I hope you don't say delete them all... lol.. sheesh..
    I get several good blocks and then a few errors and all of them are on found blocks of the winning type. Very low time. like 0d 23:23:35 DL 84155 of block 379813... it became 683670 years.. blah blah.. anyway any help would be appreciated.

  • @kingcajun run multiple instances of the miner, one for each drive, then you will know which drive is causing the error.

  • @iKnow0 Duh... never thought about that... did not know i could run separate.. thanks a bunch! That helps for sure!

  • admin

    @kingcajun You can also enable logging on the miner, the log will show the nonce submitted, so you can figure out which file it came from.

  • @haitch thanks man! I assume inside the miner.conf file I set to true... and then files will be same dir... ah i see a log dir is created... Very good my man thanks again... So far i think i have correct the issue... still waiting on a plot to finish however first drive seems to be good to go now. This would have saved me days of "WTF's" ha ha... I love this technology! One more thing... I love how you eagles will swoop down to help a fledgling like me. You give a word of advice or encouragement when you did not have too... That is worth a million... burst! ha ha! Hopefully one day i will be one of the eagles swooping down to help... lol.. one day...
    Thanks Again!

  • admin

    @kingcajun This site was setup to help everyone that wants to get into Burst. It's turned into a monster way bigger than I ever anticipated, but it still fulfills it's initial intent - just on a bigger scale than I expected.

  • @haitch Way bigger I bet... I am getting bits a pieces of BURST history from posts here and there... Dude how do you ever sleep? haha...

  • admin

    @kingcajun What's sleep ? ;-)

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