Team US pool 40TB plus

  • In the burst-team-us pool today, we just got around 17-18 new members with 40 plus TB. Where these guys come from? And it been super hard to get any coins.

  • admin

    They changed from pool to because of network equilibrium.

    You get the same amount of coins, because the pool wins more blocks now. Nothing changed in your income.

    The daily variance is always very high. Watch your average return over one month.

    Edit: Actually the side effects of being so large impacted every miner's income in a negative way before. Now you earn slightly more (in the long run).

  • What i have notice is that now with all the 40 plus,is thet getting to win is more harder,,and also my earning has gone way down,,and i cant see ninja and the pool,burst,uk,,why is that??

  • The amount you make will not change, as daWallet mentioned. It doesn't get any harder to win if more miners are on the pool. You will still submit the same deadlines you would have before. Except now, some of the miners that would have won on OTHER pools, would now win on YOUR pool, actually making it MORE likely for you to get coins. No matter where you mine, your overall earnings should be close to the same, it all will just depend on whether you get more smaller payouts or less larger payouts...

    Also, as daWallet mentioned, DAILY VARIANCE IS HIGH, meaning, some days you get a lot more 'lucky' than other days. This will not change no matter where you mine.

  • @crowetic Thanks man ,,for you fast answer,,happy mining 2 you and 2 all of us,,,have a nice day!!